The Jump Guardian is a Sub-Guardian in the game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, found in the Judgment Pit of the Dark Agon Wastes. The Jump Guardian is one of the Warrior Ing that originally attacked Samus Aran. This particular Ing stole her Space Jump Boots, which subsequently mutated it. This Ing has two attacks: creating a dark force-field which it jumps with; while upon landing, the field sends out dark pulsing waves and shooting lasers of Dark Energy. The Jump Guardian takes a long time to defeat as his health is depleted slowly. Samus will slowly regain health if she stays inside the Light Crystal's Safe Zone. Killing the Ing is the only way to recover her Space Jump Boots.


Jump Guardian Battle

Samus battles the Jump Guardian.

The battle against the Jump Guardian is fairly straightfoward if Samus stays in the protective bubble created by the Light Crystal and fires all through the fight. When the Jump Guardian creates a shield around it, it will jump onto a platform and shoot dark energy at Samus. After about four shots, it will jump down from the platform and, when it lands, create a slowly-moving shockwave that can be dodged by jumping. It will then begin to shoot more dark energy at Samus, which she must avoid by either Strafing/Dashing or hiding behind the Light Crystal to avoid. If she gets too close to the edge of the Light Crystal's bubble, the Jump Guardian may attempt to slash at her, much like a Warrior Ing.

Logbook entryEdit

Jump Guardian

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Jump Guardian
Space Jump powered Warrior Ing. Powerful metamorph with enhanced jump abilities. Able to generate energy shock waves and force fields.

Logbook entry

This Warrior Ing has absorbed the power of the Space Jump Boots. It can leap incredible distances and heights, and uses this ability to great effect in battle. Target can generate powerful shock waves of dark energy, and will sheath itself in a potent force field to protect itself. It cannot maintain the shield indefinitely: concentrate weapon fire on it when the shield is down.

Alejandro Roura animationEdit

Jump Guardian Walking animation

Jump Guardian Walking animation

Jump Guardian Running animation

Jump Guardian Running animation


  • On very rare occasions, the Jump Guardian will sometimes walk through the single light barrier that shelters Samus, taking some amount of damage in the process.
  • The Jump Guardian and Boost Guardian are the only Sub-Guardian bosses that fought Samus in their pure Ing forms, without possessing another creature.
  • When the Jump Guardian's health drops to the point where the Power Beam can defeat it with a single shot, the creature dramatically increases its overall speed. However, in the Wii versions of the game this empowerment becomes apparent around the stage in which the Jump Guardian has 1/4 left.
  • In the data of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc, the Jump Guardian was named the Jump Warrior Ing.
  • There is a glitch that lets Samus damage the Guardian before the battle starts. The Guardian will be invisible, but technically, still at the place where it jumps down from. Samus is able to damage it to the point of one health-point remaining. This is achieved by Sequence Breaking in the original version of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, where Samus can take an alternative route from Portal Site.