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Jump pad

Ice Hive

Jump Pads appear throughout the Alimbic Cluster. They appear as black, raised helices with white rings rising up from their centers. If Samus Aran comes into contact with one, it will launch her up, hence its name. They are essential for reaching great distances or jumping into out-of-reach areas. They are unscannable.

Sometimes Samus encounters a Jump Pad that is inactive, such as in the Council Chamber on Alinos, and the Ice Hive on Arcterra. The Council Chamber's Jump Pad is located next to a Jump Pad Switch, which will activate the Pad if Samus scans it. In the Hive chamber, there is a Disabled Jump Pad that is not working due to an obstruction in its power conduit. This is caused by a number of War Wasp Hives spawning Barbed War Wasps. Once Samus destroys them, and scans all of the Energy Routers in the room, this Jump Pad will turn on. Samus can then use it to reach the Door Controller Unit.

Disabled Jump Pad

The Disabled Jump Pad.

Jump Pads are similar to Kinetic Orb Cannons and Morph Ball launchers. They are named in Max Szlagor's Metroid Prime Hunters design notes.

Disabled Jump Pad scan
"This Jump Pad is not receiving any power. Electrostatic analysis suggests a blocked conduit in close proximity."

Metroid Prime: Federation ForceEdit

Jump Pad Fed Force

Jump Pads, or similar mechanisms also appear in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, with a new appearance. They appear in M02: Hardball as a means to quickly scale a large gap over lava, and in M18: Hightower at the base of the Drill, so the Federation Force can get back to the top if they fall into the Talvania Gas.

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