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A Jumpmine is a small robot made by Space Pirates as a cheap replacement for trooper presence in certain areas. If an enemy comes close, the Jumpmine "jumps" into the air and fires several lasers, then detonating, shooting shrapnel throughout the area. If spotted before it jumps, though, it can be destroyed harmlessly with weapons fire. Jumpmines were first encountered on Norion during the Space Pirate invasion, and later found in other places with Space Pirate presence. Rooms containing Jumpmines include Conduit A, Conduit C and Observatory Lift.

Logbook entryEdit



Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Mechanoid: Jumpmine
Antipersonnel unit. Rises in air and explodes once engaged.

Logbook entry

The Jumpmine was developed by the Space Pirates as a cheap alternative to an armed trooper. The Jumpmine scans its surroundings until it detects an enemy target. It then triggers a small thruster, 'jumping' a set distance in the air. Once launched, its weapon pod is engaged, saturating the local area with fire. It explodes afterward to prevent use by enemy forces.