Jungle Generator is a room in Bryyo Thorn Jungle on Bryyo. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The room bears much resemblance to its Bryyo Fire counterpart, Temple Generator, save for the room's "jungle" scenery. The Leviathan Shield Generator in this room is also guarded by two Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat" turrets, preventing Samus Aran's Gunship from simply performing a bombing run on the generator. Samus must destroy the turrets as well.

There are two possible paths Samus can take from the generator. Both are blocked by indestructible hatches that lift when Samus tries to leave the room. She will be promptly sealed in, with the hatches opening to let Pirate Troopers attack Samus.

When she returns to the room after destroying both turrets, her Gunship can get a clear shot on the generator.

Sequence Breaking[]

Only the Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat" turret in North Jungle Court needs to be destroyed before the Gunship can attack the generator. North Jungle Court can be accessed first by performing a Spring Bomb Jump in Generator Hall North. [1]

Connecting rooms[]




Missile Expansion
Hidden behind a wall with numerous targets.


"Security shutter is locked and blocking hallway access. Unable to open from this side."
Anti-aircraft turrets
"Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat" online. All weapon systems are green. Active sensors online and scanning."
Leviathan Shield Generator
"Leviathan Shield Generator. Armor plating made of Maldium. Armor integrity at maximum."
Leviathan Shield Generator (destroyed)
"Shield generator destroyed. Power production: zero. Chance of repair: zero."
Leviathan Seed
"Leviathan Seed has impacted itself within the planet. Currently protected by an energy shield."
Leviathan Seed (shield unstable)
"The energy shield protecting the Leviathan Seed has become unstable, but is still operating."
Leviathan Seed (shield offline)
"Leviathan Seed is no longer protected by an energy shield, and is now reachable via ship."
Leviathan Seed (destroyed)
"Leviathan Seed destroyed. Phazon is no longer being produced. Corruption has stopped spreading."
The Hunted
"The Primals crafted new magics to protect their warriors, and sent them into the burning wastelands to hunt the Lords of Science hiding there. Though we tried to avoid conflict, many Science Lords were found and ended by Primal war bands. I was but the sole survivor, the last remaining Lord of Science. In order to protect myself, I adopted the wisdom once shared by the Chozo. I built mighty Mogenars out of stone, and place them outside the walls of my home, there to silently protect me from all enemies."


  • In certain Spanish NTSC versions of Corruption, the Tiamat cannon has a Logbook entry exclusive to this room.


  1. ^ Kip (30 October 2007). Other: Bryyo Turret Skip (English). Metroid2002. Retrieved on 2012-04-20. “The shield generator in Bryyo Thorn Jungle can be bombed while destroying only one turret, in North Jungle Court. After dealing with the pirates in the generator room and unlocking the doors, go left into Generator Hall North. There are several places where you can spring-bsj to the upper ledge, but the wall on your right is best for getting instant unmorphs...”