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The jungle environment[1] is a large room in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is one of many in the Biosphere to contain holographic ecosystems, which can be turned on and off by interfacing with a generator. When the generator is off, the room is shown to be primarily industrial in nature and indoors, with manmade walls and structures, but a floor with grass, trees and ferns. Towards the end of the room on the left is a large pipe, with what are later revealed to be Kihunter webs growing on it. These webs are also present on the ceiling. Green fluid, possibly blood from Little Birdie, can be seen splattered on the left wall as well.

The holographic generator is on a higher ledge. To reach it, Samus uses a long pipe attached to the platform, which she can ascend in Morph Ball form. Midway through this tunnel is a rock obstruction, which Samus removes with a Bomb. Unfortunately, this exposes a crater in the wall caused by the fallen rock, so Samus has to carefully use another Bomb or the Spring Ball to jump over this, or she will fall out and have to re-try.

Once the hologram is activated, the room becomes a lush jungle environment (hence the name) with dense foliage replacing the pipes and architecture. A portion of the far wall, concealed by the hologram, can be seen glitching with the jungle simulation enabled. This can be destroyed with a Bomb, and doing so reveals a tunnel leading to the underground cavern, and beyond that, the Biological Experiment Floor.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Requires Super Missiles. When Samus returns to the room with Super Missiles and turns off the hologram, she can fire a Super Missile at a hatch on the far wall. She can then Space Jump into the exposed alcove to obtain this item.



  1. ^ Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition, page 63: "The next room is infested with Wavers and Geemers. Inch forward, into the room and pop the enemies as you go. Reach the fallen vent shaft on the left, then roll into it in Morph Ball mode. Hop over the break in the vent (after removing the debris with a Normal Bomb), then reach the top level catwalk with the computer. Use the console to reactivate the holographic fi elds in the room. Suddenly the room transforms from a brick-walled structure into a lush, jungle environment!"