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The "jungle slope" is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Super Metroid.


The slope is found after the large pink section of Brinstar and is among the longest hallway-type rooms in Super Metroid. It consists of eight large ledges in the left side, which are lined with five side-facing Air Holes that spawn Geegas, rafflesia-like flowers in the background and lush green vegetation. Some of the ledges slightly extend forward; these extensions are made of destructible blocks. The ceiling is lined with what appear to be leaves or spikes, although these are not harmful to Samus. At the base of the slope, Samus finds a vegetation wall, and behind it a shutter she can open using her Power Beam. This allows her to access the infamous "n00b bridge".

Notably, the slope is a junction point between all four color types of Brinstar, being green itself: "pink" Brinstar through the top left, "blue" Brinstar through the top right and "red" Brinstar through the lower right.

In speedrunning, the room is referred to as the "Green Hill Zone", which references the famous opening level from Sonic the Hedgehog.[1]

Connecting rooms[]



SM Brinstar Missile Tank 6.gif
Missile Tank
There is an Air Hole high up in a wall, from which no enemies spawn. Samus can jump into the Air Hole and roll through it to find a small alcove. The Missile Tank is in it. The hole can be reached with the High Jump Boots. or by Wall Jumping.

Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 60[]

Reach for the Tube (pg. 12)
"It is possible to set several progressive Bombs and send Samus soaring to otherwise unreachable heights. You can use this technique to enter a tube here."
Power Plus (pg. 13)
"Take the Super Missiles and give Samus the power to blast open Green Doors."

This passage alludes to the shutter, which is referred to as a "Green Door", implying it must be opened with a Super Missile. It is in reality only vulnerable to a Power Beam shot.