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The Junk Quixote (ジャンキホーテ Jankihōte?) is a junk shop owned and operated by Diesel on an unknown space station in Samus and Joey. Following the liberation of Liberty by Samus Aran from Dragüd, Samus took Joey Apronika, a feisty young boy she met on the planet with her to visit Diesel. After finding Diesel taken hostage by Jealousy and killing his bodyguard Bomad, Samus leaves Joey with "Mr. Diesel", who orders him to repair the destroyed shop. After returning to the Quixote from the rescue mission to Degrade, Joey is tasked with searching for more scrap. He encounters a robot he names U-ton, which becomes his friend and provides him with good scrap, which actually comes from the Moriyushi Factory.

The crude design of the shop has a large D, likely standing for Diesel. It also has an object resembling a crane arm.


The word "Quixote" is a reference to the literary figure Don Quixote, a wandering would-be knight infamous for his naïveté and idealism. This may be intended as a parallel to Samus, Joey, and Diesel's adventures, or may simply be a pun inspired by the similarity in the pronunciation of "Don Quixote" and the Japanese word for junk, "janki".

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