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Miis representing Yamano and Toshio Sengoku in the WarioWare: Smooth Moves credits.

Katsuya Yamano is a Japanese programmer working for Nintendo. He is one of the main programmers of the classic Metroid series, serving in various roles for each of the games (except the original Metroid). Yamano was a debugger for Metroid II: Return of Samus, a coordinator for Super Metroid, the director of programming and an enemy programmer for Metroid Fusion, a programmer for Metroid: Zero Mission and project manager for Metroid: Other M and Metroid: Samus Returns. Outside of Metroid, Yamano is one of the regular programmers for many Yoshio Sakamoto-produced titles, including the Wario Land series and Tomodachi Life.

Patents[edit | edit source]

Yamano filed these US patents along with game director Yoshio Sakamoto for Zero Mission, concerning the concepts behind the Mother Brain and Ruins Test battles.

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