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Kenji Ishikawa afterword


I thank you for reading this story. My name is Ishikawa. As seems to be the norm, my days are filled with regret and repentance. To all the readers out there, I offer my many thanks and apologies. Honestly, now that I'm finally finished with this project, what I want to do most is grab a ball and play with my son (he just turned eight). He's been waiting patiently for so long.

Again, all of you have my deepest thanks.

—Ishikawa Kenji

Kenji Ishikawa was the illustrator of the Metroid prequel manga, which was originally published in Monthly Magazine Z before being collected into two volumes in 2003-2004. After the story is finished, Ishikawa includes an afterword thanking the readers for reading to the end, and says that he will play with his eight year old son next. Ishikawa later wrote The Manga Guide to the Universe, a 2008 educational story teaching readers about the solar system, the Big Bang Theory, and other universe-related topics.

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