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Side B, Metroid.

Kid Icarus / Metroid Original Soundtrack Orchestra Version (光神話 パルテナの鏡 オリジナル・サウンドトラック オーケストラ・ヴァーション/メトロイド オリジナル・サウンドトラック オーケストラ・ヴァーション?) is a 7" two-sided single released on February 25, 1987, only in Japan. It is available in both cassette and vinyl form. The single's label is Fun House, and its catalog number is 07FA-1106.

Containing six tracks arranged by Hirokazu Tanaka, with three for each game, the single features much of the music from both Metroid and Kid Icarus, re-arranged in a chiptune style. The first and fourth tracks on the single are the respective title themes; the second and fifth tracks combine multiple themes from the respective game; and the third and sixth tracks are the respective ending themes.

All Metroid tracks are on side B of the single. Notably, the "uplifting" portion of the Escape theme, which is present in the Western NES version of Metroid but absent in the Famicom Disk System version, is included in the single's arrangement. Brinstar Depths, Norfair, Ridley's Chamber, Silence, Tourian, and Zebetite are not included with this single.

This is the earliest Metroid-related musical release. It would later be followed by Super Metroid: Sound in Action, Metroid Prime & Fusion Original Soundtracks, Game Sound Museum ~ Famicom Edition ~ 12 Metroid, and Samus Archives Sound Selection.


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Track (English title) Track (Japanese title) Runtime
Title Music タイトル音楽 1:18
Underworld BGM, Earthworld BGM, Skyworld BGM, Temple Interior BGM 冥府界のBGM、地空界のBGM、天空界のBGM、神殿内のBGM 3:51
Ending Music エンディング音楽 1:09
Title Music タイトル音楽 1:48
Start Sound, Brinstar, During Escape BGM スタート音、ブリンスタ、脱出時のBGM 3:37
Ending Music エンディング音楽 2:17


  • The 'uplifting' portion of the Escape Theme, not present in the Japanese release of Metroid, appears arranged on the single. The single was released in February 1987, six months before the release of Metroid in North America where the uplifting phrase played in-game. This suggests that Hirokazu Tanaka had this section prepared at least half a year in advance of the North American release.


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