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Samus drops through the top of the Nest.

A Kihunter Nest (キハンター星人の巣イメ一ジ?)[1] is a large, purplish blue hive spawning Kihunters. Although the species has made appearances in multiple Metroid games, this hive has only appeared in Metroid: Other M, suspended above the ground in the Biological Experiment Floor by vines and thorns. The vines are supported by five Whipvines. The King Kihunter makes its home in the Nest.

King Kihunter battle[edit | edit source]

As she makes her way to the Exam Center, Samus enters the Experiment Floor and ascends the central tower. From there, she jumps down, falling through the Nest before landing amidst many Zeros. The creatures are antagonized by the screams of Little Birdie, and summon several Kihunters to attack Samus. As she contends with the insect creatures, the Whipvines will periodically open their buds and fire energy blasts at Samus. To stop them, she must fire Missiles at them while they are open. Doing this causes the vine they are supporting to snap. When all five vines have been destroyed, the Nest crashes to the floor and falls over, exposing the King Kihunter inside, surrounded by the species' honey.

Multiple juvenile Kihunters continue to attack Samus. After she has cleared out waves of them, she is able to target the King. When the King dies, its body shrivels up, and part of the Nest it is embedded into shrivels up as well. Little Birdie arrives moments later, and begins to eagerly lick the Kihunters' honey. Samus observes it in disgust as she realizes it used her to get to this honey, by irritating the creatures and making Samus destroy their Nest.

The Nest appears along with the King Kihunter in its Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Concept art of the hive depicts an extended tube which Samus could enter to locate and attack the King Kihunter. However, this does not happen in the game; the King Kihunter is revealed after the Hive falls and its dome breaks apart.

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