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For the character in Metroid 1.5, see Mad AI.
Killer (doberman)

Killer as a doberman.

"Killer" is a dog featured in the American commercial for Super Metroid.

A young man walks Killer, a doberman on a chain leash into what appears to be a white sauna, for the purposes of testing the game. The young man asks, "Ready boy?" and then breaks the chain. Killer runs into the sauna and the door shuts as Vs. Ridley plays. Gameplay clips are then shown on a television set that seems to extend forward. Clips of the title screen, Samus Aran fighting Crocomire, Draygon, Kraid, Phantoon and Ridley, and also running in Maridia play, and the clips end with one of Samus using a Power Bomb on the Maridia glass pipe. Interspersed is a clip of the man speaking and holding the broken chain, and Killer attempting to break the sauna door down.

After the clips, the man opens the door, and Killer is shown to have become a meek chihuahua because the game was too intense. The man calls out "Ship it!", holds the game box and slaps a bone-shaped sticker on the front saying "Only on", pointing to the SNES logo below it. The commercial ends with a shot of the chihuahua Killer shivering (with a generic shuddering sound effect playing), before the camera zooms in on his dogtag, which has the SNES logo and, above it, the words "The best play here."

Killer (chihuahua)

Killer as a chihuahua.

The commercial can be viewed here: [1]

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