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The "killing ground" is a room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


Samus entering the killing ground.

This is one of the larger rooms in the lower Bioweapon Research Center. It contains a pair of blast doors connected to the breeding cage, where the Queen Metroid is kept. It is square in shape and features a short hall near the bottom middle, which is where the room is entered from. This section contains a large hole in the ceiling, from which a bright white light is seen glowing. There is a massive dent in the floor under the hole, which is splattered with green blood leading into the larger section of the room, toward the bottom right corner, where the dried corpse of Ridley's clone is found.


While Samus is descending the elevator into the Center, a cutscene plays of a heavily wounded Ridley in this room. The blast doors open and a first-person perspective is shown with blurred pink vision, gradually moving closer to Ridley before zooming in on him. Ridley readies to attack the mysterious presence and his roar is heard as the camera fades to black.

Samus eventually reaches this room and when she does, she cautiously moves forward before the screen fades to white, and a cutscene begins. As she proceeds into the room, she notices the destruction and follows the blood trail before coming across Ridley's dried, brittle husk in the corner.

Ridley... What could've happened?


Samus finds Ridley's body.

It is later revealed that the being with blurred vision is another Queen Metroid, which was somehow released from the adjacent breeding cage into this room, and drained Ridley of his life energy. After Samus destroys the Queen, a survivor she encountered in Room MW runs out of the cage into this room, and continues running until she is cornered in the control room.

Following the incident with MB, Ridley's drained corpse is absent from the room on subsequent visits. He was removed at the behest of the ringleaders and brought to the Biologic Space Laboratories research station for study, where his corpse would be infected by an X Parasite, creating Neo-Ridley.

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Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 132
"The room is a mess and there is alien blood splattered all over! When you follow the bloody trail, it leads to another chamber of the facility where you find Ridley... dead.
Continue your search for clues in the hatch at the top-right corner of the room.


  • Why and how the blast doors were opened is unknown. It may have been Dr. Madeline Bergman, who later opens the blast doors in Room MW, releasing the Queen Metroid to attack Samus. Madeline may have encountered or discovered Ridley in this room and fled, before releasing the Queen to eliminate him. If this is true, then how she got the Queen back into the cage is unclear.
  • The hole in the ceiling is likely how Ridley entered this room after escaping the Geothermal Power Plant. This, along with the presence of green acidic blood, may constitute another Alien similarity, as the titular creatures often enter rooms through ceiling vents and spray green blood when killed.