The Aurora Unit chamber has been sealed off and secured by a Kinetic Lock.

Continue exploring SkyTown.

There must be something in this facility that can help you open the chamber gate.

Aurora Unit 242 transmission

Aurora Chamber

A Kinetic Lock is an invention of the Chozo, found throughout SkyTown, Elysia as security measures for important rooms. These include the Steambot Barracks and Aurora Chamber. They require a kinetic charge to unlock, which necessitates obtaining the Boost Ball.

Kinetic Locks are circular kinetic energy converters, commonly mounted on walls. Samus can enter a small opening in them in Morph Ball form. When using her Boost Ball, she will encircle the lock. The kinetic charge of her Boost Ball will energize the lock and cause it to slowly rotate until it is unlocked. This process is not unlike a hamster wheel. This mechanism is used to raise a half-pipe in Steambot Barracks, and enable access to Aurora Unit 217 in the Aurora Chamber.

Aurora Unit 242 names these locks in a transmission if Samus idles in the Aurora Chamber for a short period of time. Kinetic Locks can be considered elaborate Spinners; in fact some Spinners are attached to floor-mounted Kinetic Locks.

Scans[edit | edit source]

Steambot Barracks
"Vertical traversal unit requires a kinetic charge to activate. Unit is currently offline."
Aurora Chamber
"Security doors engaged. Energize lock with a kinetic charge to gain chamber access."
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