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The "Kiru Giru's room" is a room in Norfair. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, with significant changes between versions.



In Metroid, this room is a simple shaft with a purple bubble construction, not unlike other rooms in Norfair. There are two ledges present in the left wall, and four midair platforms resembling red spheres. These can be shot, and will regenerate after some time, akin to Fake Blocks. In addition, the right wall is lined with segmented, orange Fake Blocks. The primary reason to enter this room is to reach the elevator to Ridley's Lair.

Zero Mission[]

Samus atop the frozen Ripper.

This room has been significantly altered and its role expanded in the remake, Metroid: Zero Mission. It is now comprised of a light purple rock and set in a cave environment with decayed red vines strewn about the ceiling and floor. It is possible that these are dead Tangle Vines, as living specimens are found in the previous room. The door locks upon entry, and as Samus approaches the wall, she can use her Morph Ball to enter a small tunnel at the wall's base and fall through several Pit Blocks, before coming to a Bomb Block. This leads into an open chamber, at the top of which is an ensnared Kiru Giru larva.

The open chamber features a blockage at the bottom, and shallow pools of water. On either side of the blockage is a large, curled purple plant or vine, as well as what appears to be a small Kiru Giru molten shell. A Winged Ripper flies around the living Kiru Giru, which Samus can freeze to use as a platform After Samus destroys the Tangle Vines holding the creature up, it falls through the blockage, destroying it, and embeds into the ground. The fallen creature clears out a small tunnel, which Samus can fit through in Morph Ball. It exits into a short passage filled with curious plants, and a door to the elevator to Ridley's Lair.

To make the larva fall through the floor, Samus must venture into Ridley's Lair and approach the two-sided shaft it drops through, then return to this room. The larva and pools of water will be gone, and Samus can fall through the gap in the floor to continue on to the Imago's hideout. If Super Missiles are acquired early, then the return trip is not necessary. The shaft that the larva burrows through the ground resembles the shape of a human stomach, and has a golden-brown coloring as opposed to the purple rock in the above chamber.

On subsequent visits, the standard Norfair theme plays in this room.

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Zero Mission[]

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

151 FREE THE LARVA (page 61)
"A giant larva hangs from the ceiling by beefy vines. You can hit the vines by running to the left or right side of the room, jumping straight up and releasing upward-angled missiles or charged beam shots. You can also get an angle on the vines by freezing the small armored creature that flies around the room and using it as a platform. When your platform begins to thaw, hop up and fire straight down to freeze it again."
"The fallen larva will grant you access to a passage that leads to the right. Run through the passage, take the elevator down to Ridley's Lair and explore."
"After you take the elevator back up to Norfair, run left and return to the place where you freed the larva. You'll find the opening of the larva's tunnel. Drop in, make your way to the left and fall through to Imago's hideout."