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The "Kiru Giru larva hall" is a room in Norfair. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission. Like the namesake creatures, this room did not exist in the original Metroid.


This hallway is found after the Path of Destruction, which in the original Metroid was a dead-end. It is set in a cave isolated from the superheated or lava-filled areas before it. Two living Kiru Giru specimens are encountered in this room, and Samus must defeat them in order to proceed.

When Samus enters the room, the door locks behind her and unsettling music begins to play. After squeezing through a narrow tunnel, Samus will end up in a small alcove underneath one Kiru Giru worm, encased in its own molten shell. A small tunnel behind it grants further passage in the room, but cannot be used until the creature is removed. To kill the creature, Samus must fire Wave Beam shots at it from underneath.

After moving past its position, Samus will drop down to a longer passage with another Kiru Giru worm uninhibited. If Samus agitates it, it will rush forward at her, forcing her to drive it back with beams or Missiles. There is a small "safe zone" in front of the drop, where a small outcropping in the ceiling stops the creature from coming any further. Once Samus destroys the second creature with Bombs, she will be free to exit back into the blue-bubble shaft. Both molten shells will remain on subsequent visits to the room, although the Kiru Giru themselves do not respawn.

If the Wave Beam was skipped, Samus can still kill the first creature with Missiles or Super Missiles if she jumps and fires directly at its underbelly. This room can be bypassed entirely using a shortcut in the blue-bubble shaft that takes Samus straight to the room with an ensnared Kiru Giru. Samus can also return to this room after exploring Chozodia and kill both creatures instantly with either a Plasma Beam shot to each of their underbellies, or a Power Bomb.

Connecting rooms[]



The Energy Tank.

Energy Tank
Found in the ceiling above the free-moving Kiru Giru specimen, above a Missile Block.

Official data[]

114 LARVA BLOCKADE (pg. 54)
"After you fall as far as you can then run to the left, you'll encounter the back end of a large larva that you'll battle later, once you have the right equipment. Return to the shaft and climb up."
"A giant larva sits atop a natural rock bridge. Work your way under the bridge and fire straight up, at the beast's belly, through the rock formation. After the creature is gone, use your Hi-Jump ability to hop up, in ball form, to the creature's shell, then roll on to the right."
147 WAR OF THE WORM (pg. 61)
"The second monster larva will charge toward you. Fire at the beast to make it back up, then get close to it and plant a few bombs as it prepares to charge again. Roll left to get out of the way. Repeat the process until your bombs destroy the beast."
148 energy tank (pg. 61)
"An Energy Tank rests above the second larva's shell. You can uncover it by shooting your beam through the ceiling. Forge a path to the tank by using a missile to destroy the block that sits below it."