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Knight (ナイト Naito?) was a general serving Greed. First appearing in Metroid EX chapter 7, he was a human in a suit of powered armor.


Meeting Samus Aran[]

When Samus arrives on the graveyard planet, he slices in half a "zombie" (actually a robot) that had formed out of the remains of the Deadly Six Stars, believing that these "toys" would not defeat Samus successfully. Knight was then attacked by Joey, but rather than fight back Knight encouraged Joey to leave the area. Knight demonstrates that he has a strong moral complex. Knight then challenged Samus to a battle, where he is incredibly fast despite his massive build. Knight displays to Samus a "secret technique" of his, Guillotine Blast, which manages to get the best of her. Knight is last seen challenging Samus to continue fighting him.

Bishop, Greed's general of knowledge and Knight's companion, betrays Knight and detonates a bomb he had left as a contingency plan, in an attempt to kill Joey and Diesel and take Samus to Greed himself. Knight spares them, as he was not ordered to kill them, but warns that he will not do so a second time. He leaves them while noting that while the wounds on his back would heal, the wounds on his heart never would.

Galactic ruins[]

Knight without his armor.

Knight confronts Joey and Diesel again in the galactic ruins, easily preventing them from saving Samus. However, Joey's determination in spite of Knight causes him to turn on Greed and assist them in their mission. This nearly proves fatal for the trio when Bishop captures them and sentences them to an interstellar execution. After re-entering the base with the help of the Craftsmen's Perfect Drill, they confront Bishop before he can claim the godly power bestowed in the ruins. Knight is wounded by Bishop, who is using the Varia Suit and Plasma Beam Data Capsules stolen from Samus.


Joey defends Knight using his Field Knuckle, and kills Bishop using the Exodus technique. Knight then challenges Samus to one final battle. He reveals that he knew Joey's father, Rand Apronika. They were rivals, and despite Knight's superior strength, Rand always managed to best him using the Exodus move. Knight also reveals that after being gravely wounded, he was saved by none other than Greed. Why Greed saved him is unknown, but Knight felt indebted to the Greed Corps leader despite his horrible crimes. Desiring to redeem himself, Knight commits suicide. Samus believes that he must have resolved to pass judgment on himself, and meet death as a true knight.


  • The names of Bishop and Knight refer to pieces in a game of chess.

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