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"Kraid's reliquary" is an unnamed room in Kraid and Brinstar. Two different versions appear in Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In both of its appearances, the reliquary is directly behind Kraid himself in his room, and cannot be accessed until his defeat. The rooms are different between the games, as Kraid appears in his own lair in Zero Mission and a section of Brinstar in Super Metroid.

In Zero Mission, the room appears as a simple blue chamber not unlike that of other item rooms. A difference is that there is a slight slope in the floor, which aids in building up speed to leave Kraid's room. It is accessible by destroying a small Bomb Block obstruction at the base of the wall behind Kraid. In the background of this room are two flat-sided pillars with Chozo markings, and a paneled wall behind them with more symbols. A Chozo Statue is positioned on a platform slightly above Samus, held up by two pedestals. The Item Sphere in its hands contain the Speed Booster. After it is collected, Samus can morph in the statue's hands to replenish her energy and Missile Ammo.

In Super Metroid, Kraid has a new reliquary and the old room can no longer be accessed. The new reliquary is the rightmost room in Brinstar. It is a square room comprised of metal bricks and pipes, with panels in the background containing red buttons or lights. A small item pedestal sits on a rectangular-shaped platform in the center of the room, and an Item Sphere is found atop this. The sphere contains the Varia Suit.

Kraid in the original Metroid does not have a reliquary, but an Energy Tank can be found in his room under the door.

Connecting rooms[]


Speed Booster
Zero Mission, in the hands of the Chozo Statue.
Varia Suit
Super Metroid, in an Item Sphere in the center of the room.

Official data[]

Nintendo Power Volume 60[]

Varia Suit (pg. 15)
"The room to the right of Kraid holds the Varia Suit. Grab it for twice the armor strength."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

9. VARIA SUIT (pg. 37)
"After defeating Kraid (see latter section), your reward is the Varia suit. This offers double hit capacity and resistance to extreme temperature."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

098 speed booster (pg. 48)
"After you've done away with Kraid, use bombs to destroy the blocks in the arena's lower-left corner and blast through to the room where you'll find the Speed Booster. The item will allow you to blow through certain blocks and enemies after you've charged up with a running start."