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"Kraid's chamber" redirects here. For the theme, see Brinstar Depths. For the room on ZDR, see Kraid's room (Cataris).

Kraid's room[1], also known as Kraid's quarters[2] and Kraid's chamber[3][4], is the room where Kraid is battled in his lair. The chamber is different between its appearances in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, and Super Metroid.



In the original Metroid, Kraid's room is constructed from blue and silver architecture. The ceiling of the room features silver spikes and red orbs, arranged in a manner that resembles the teeth and eyes of a large creature; a similar structure appears in the room just outside his chamber, as well as in Ridley's room.

The room is locked behind a Red Hatch. Kraid resides on a platform in the center of the room, with small pools of acid on either side. Unlike any of its later appearances, the layout of this room does not change at all during the boss battle.

Zebes Invasion Order[]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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In Metroid: Zebes Invasion Order, a game book based on the original Metroid, Kraid's room is A-22 and is located in Brinstar. A-22 is comprised of three subchambers separated by shutters. The first chamber contains a Side Hopper; Samus can choose to fight it with Missiles or run from it. The second chamber contains a unique enemy, the Doublehopper, which must be killed in order to proceed. The third chamber contains Kraid himself, who drops a Key Stone upon his demise. Once Kraid is defeated, the door to A-22 locks permanently.

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Zero Mission[]

In the remake Metroid: Zero Mission, Kraid's chamber is found in the same place as the original game, but its design has been thoroughly overhauled. The room is constructed from sand-red blocks, with dark red rock formations in the background. There is no longer acid or any other hazard in this room, not counting Kraid himself.

When Samus Aran first enters the arena, she is able to stand on a number of large blocks on the right side of the chamber, letting her easily jump and shoot at Kraid. Alternatively, she can use the Power Grip to grab onto a block directly above the door, giving her maneuverability to dodge Kraid's attacks. However, as the battle continues, Kraid destroys most of the large blocks with his stomach spikes, making it difficult for Samus to find a position to shoot Kraid's head. When Kraid is defeated, the arena shakes and small rocks fall from the ceiling as Kraid sinks into the floor, suggesting that the room is partially collapsing, which may be an explanation for why Kraid seemingly disappears after the fight.

After Kraid's defeat, the entrance door remains locked, but Samus can now use Bombs to enter a new room to the left of the arena, where the Speed Booster can be acquired. She can then use the Speed Booster to break through the remaining large blocks and exit the chamber through a hidden passage. Alternatively, the door is automatically unlocked upon entering the Speed Booster room, allowing Samus to leave Kraid's room without picking up the item.

Super Metroid[]

In Super Metroid, with Kraid's Lair being located in a different section of Brinstar, his new quarters are technically a separate room from the one previously featured in Metroid and Zero Mission. As such, it is radically different in appearance; while it has a few blue rocks like those seen in old Brinstar, it is largely overgrown with green vegetation, spiked growths, and thorny vines.

When Samus first enters Kraid's quarters, the chamber appears unoccupied, only for Kraid to appear by burrowing up through the rocks and spikes on the floor. After taking some damage, Kraid will rise up to his full height, breaking through the chamber's ceiling and doubling the room's size. Samus has to climb up his stomach spikes and use midair platforms to reach Kraid's vulnerable head. Upon Kraid's death, the chamber shakes and large rocks fall from the ceiling as Kraid sinks into the floor, much like in Zero Mission. Additionally, the midair platforms crumble and the floor spikes disappear one by one as Kraid sinks down.

With Kraid defeated for good, Samus can enter the adjacent room to the right to gain the Varia Suit.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Tank (Metroid only)
A single blue block on the right side of the room, just above the acid pool, can be destroyed to reveal an Energy Tank.

Official data[]

Nintendo Power[]

CLASH WITH KRAID (Volume 60, pg. 15)
"The leader of Brinstar is much larger and much stronger than he was in his previous incarnation. When you reach Kraid's quarters, the mighty, mean lizard will rise up from the ground, charge forward and spit out rocks. You've got to blind it with beams or Missiles in order to make it open its mouth. Then fill it up with more firepower."
19. (Volume 95, pg. 62)
"Defeat Kraid using Super Missiles fired into his open mouth. (See the final page for tips on defeating bosses.) Beyond Kraid's chamber to the right you'll get the Varia Suit (H). Save the game at the Save Point to the left and above Kraid's chamber."

Metroid Prime: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

BOSS BATTLE (pg. 131)
"By firing at the lower-right wall of Kraid's room, you'll uncover a hidden tank. Once you've exposed the tank, jump up to the right ledge, close to the hatch, roll to the left and press Right on the Control Stick as you fall. You can collect the tank after your battle or attempt to collect it during battle if you're low on energy."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

098 speed booster (pg. 48)
"After you've done away with Kraid, use bombs to destroy the blocks in the arena's lower-left corner and blast through to the room where you'll find the Speed Booster. The item will allow you to blow through certain blocks and enemies after you've charged up with a running start."
STEP 16 (pg. 101)
"Battle Kraid, taking care to replenish your missiles and energy supply during the battle. After your victory, enter the room that holds the Speed Booster, but don't collect the item. After you leave the room, you'll see that the right-hand hatch in Kraid's chamber has turned from gray to blue. Bomb up to it, then run to the right shaft and use bombs to blast out of the hole."


  • In the April/May 1988 issue of Nintendo Fun Club News, the first place winning entry of the Metroid Art Contest is an illustration by Jeremy Gregory depicting Kraid's room.
  • Metroid is the only game where Kraid's room is not guarded by a Gadora (excluding Metroid Dread, where his room on ZDR is instead guarded by a Gobbler).
  • A Zero Mission pre-release screenshot of Kraid shows him in a very different room, which appears to be a cave partially submerged in acid.
  • In Zero Mission, it is possible to defeat Kraid with Super Missiles before he destroys any of the blocks on the right side of the room. Because the door remains locked, Samus is still required to enter the Speed Booster room to proceed; when Samus returns to this chamber, the blocks will have disappeared as though Kraid had still destroyed them.