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Kreatz attacks some Space Pirates on Jigrad

Kreatz (クリーッ Kurī~tsu?) (also romanized as Kuritsu) is an "Elfin" soldier in the employ of the Galactic Federation. To date, he has only been seen in the Metroid Manga.

He is extremely enthusiastic and optimistic, and loves a good fight. He wields dual baton-like objects capable of extending multiple laser-whips in combat. He tries to follow his employers' rules, but tends to be influenced by his partner (often Mauk or Samus Aran) into engaging in other conduct—though always for a good cause in the end.

When Samus goes to Zebes against Federation orders to help the Chozo, he and Mauk are quick to tag along. He wore a camouflaged ninja-like hood and outfit while waiting for the right time to free the prisoners there, but disposed of it once the conflict began.

Kreatz also appears years later to assist the now Commander Mauk in a Space Pirate battle on Jamoru. He then suggests that they go to Zebes when they are done fighting to help Samus on her Zero Mission. Kreatz has a new haircut in this chapter.

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