Trace is lifted up by a horde of Kriken.

Trace, a Kriken Bounty Hunter in Metroid Prime Hunters.

The Kriken are a ruthless insectoid race of alien beings who are described as one of the most feared and hated races in the galaxy. They are only mentioned in Metroid Prime Hunters.

The Kriken have a distinct body style, as their heads seem to be bound to their bodies by no visible connection. Their body structure is similar to that of the Alimbics. Their carapace also has a unique crimson-red coloring, and apparently has some sort of biological stealth system that causes their bodies to become transparent. This cloaking mechanism is very convenient, as the Kriken race have very fragile limbs. They also have created advanced biotechnology allowing a Kriken to biomorph into a Triskelion.

The Kriken run a huge Empire, and when one of their species becomes of full age, they must set out to locate a suitable planet for their race to conquer and consume as a rite of passage; those who discover more valuable planets gain more prestige within the Kriken Empire, and can even be considered heroes, but new alien technology may also be acceptable for hero status. Trace, a Kriken Bounty Hunter, appears in Metroid Prime Hunters, seeking the Ultimate Power that Gorea used to tempt all the Bounty Hunters in the game, as means to conquer a good planet with more ease and gain fame among the Kriken.