Krocuss are small, heavily-shielded molluscs native to Torvus Bog. While foraging, they leave trails of weak acid behind them, much as snails leave mucus trails when moving around. They also take toxins from the air (presumably in lieu of oxygen) in through a set of gills on their backs at regular intervals, and it is when the creatures spread out their armour plating to expose the gills to the air that they can be damaged with an assault of weapons fire. Power Bombs can also be used against them, and will kill them instantly even if their shells are closed. The Krocuss appears in only one room, Grove Access.


Logbook entry[edit | edit source]


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Krocuss
Toxin-eating forager.
Heavily armored; attack when it exposes its gills to damage it.

Logbook entry

The Krocuss thrives on toxins it extracts from its surroundings. It secretes an acidic trail in its wake as it roams in search of nourishment. The durable mollusk can be damaged when it exposes its toxin-absorbing gills; few weapons can penetrate the creature's shell.

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