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Kilnnh II

A bust originally intended to depict Kromdyyn.

Kromdyyn was one of the Bryyo Gods mentioned in notes created by Matt Manchester for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Ultimately, the gods did not appear in the retail version of Corruption, but the story behind them was the basis for the numerous busts in the Imperial Hall room. In Manchester's notes, Kromdyyn is named as The Travelling sustainer, and is written as having explored Bryyo Ice, returning to give the Bryyonians the ability to camoflauge themselves. The bust created to represent Kromdyyn was later repurposed as a sculpture of the emperor Kilnnh II.


"The Travelling sustainer – Kromdyyn: When the great continent expanded outwards, and the children of Bryyo migrated with it, Kromdyyn traveled with them for a time as well, seeking to learn the ways of the land, and discover the mysteries that the ocean had concealed since the beginning of time. For an age afterwards, Kromdyyn disappeared into the frozen dark lands, and wandered the expansive plains of ice. When he returned from his dark sojourn, he had learned much, and bestowed to the mortals the ability to conceal themselves, and hide from their enemies."

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