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The "Kyratian corridor" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is located outside the facility found in the first few rooms of the Cryosphere. It is initially entered from a Morph Ball tunnel in the previous corridor, as the door between the rooms is frozen over with ice that cannot be destroyed without Super Missiles. The tunnel ends with a small blue ledge. The corridor is bordered on the left and right by snow-covered hills, with 2-D rendered icicles growing on their undersides. Also surrounding the room are large branches or thorns, one of which extends over top of the room similar to that which is later found in the Experiment Floor. The ground is uneven, with two large humps formed out of rock, snow and ice, and the rest of the ground covered in shallow water.

The Kyratian appears.

Close to the exit door is a large formation of ice that protrudes to the left, and emits a fog near the tip of the "spike". As Samus approaches it, the camera focuses on it for a moment before it collapses and breaks on the ground. A Kyratian then appears, creating a short quick-time event where Samus must SenseMove out of the way to avoid taking damage. This is the first encounter with the creature. The door to leave the room suddenly locks, forcing Samus to defeat the Kyratian.

Once it is defeated, Samus is able to continue into the rest of the Cryosphere. Beside the door is a small hole in the wall leading into a tunnel in the next room, which contains a Missile Tank. After the Kyratian battle, this room becomes a simple passage between other areas of the Cryosphere, even more so when Samus's Super Missiles are authorized and the ice on the entrance door can be cleared.

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Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 88
"In the next room you’re ambushed by a Kyratian! The Kyratian attacks by leaping around and firing dangerous energy blasts at you. Dodge its attack and use Overblast to knock it down, then finish it off with a Lethal Strike."
Tip:"The Kyratian doesn't only hop around, it also slide-tackles you when you’re near. Use SenseMove as much as possible to avoid its attacks."