Lab Access was one of the rooms Samus Aran attempted to go through aboard the G.F.S. Olympus in an attempt to reach her Gunship during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Two Federation Marines were stationed here, fighting two Pirate Militia, when an out-of-control Stiletto-Class Fighter rammed into the starship, compromising the hull and venting one of the Marines into space. The second hung on to a corridor support for life, leaving it up to Samus to aim at a switch to seal off the hull breach with blast doors. If Samus was not quick enough or approached the rupture herself, the marine would fly into space, hitting the switch himself and sealing the breach. If Samus shoots the switch in time the marine will be saved. The corridor will be sealed off because of the breach in both scenarios, so Samus cannot open the door at the other end and has to find an alternate route. Samus was then forced to return the way she came to the Xenoresearch Lab.

Connecting roomsEdit



Friend Voucher
Saving the Federation Marine will earn Samus the Voucher.


Blast door
"Blast doors locked. Hull breach has been contained. Evacuate area immediately."
Blast door beacon
"Emergency switch controls the blast doors. Shoot to close the blast doors."
Terminal (1)
"Terminal operates blast doors. Security systems have disabled all console controls."
Terminal (2)
"This station controls nearby security systems. A unique pass code is required to gain access."
Terminal (3)
"Terminal provides a means to communicate with users on the G.F.S. Olympus network."


  • It is interesting to note that while Samus does not have the Gravity Suit, she is not affected by the vacuum of space in this room. Metroid: Other M features a sequence where Samus is sucked into space while escaping a detaching Sector Zero on the BOTTLE SHIP, and is unable to move properly until she activates her Gravity Feature.
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