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The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.

The Lab Assistant (as named in the internal data) is a Female Fleet Trooper character in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


She appears in MedLab Delta, and is the first person Samus Aran sees after she awakes from her coma. After checking Samus's vital signs, the Lab Assistant welcomes her back to the living and says that she has been comatose for a month. She commends Samus for her actions on Norion and reveals that her body - as well as that of Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda - was corrupted and is now capable of generating Phazon. As there are no apparent negative effects to Samus's health, the Galactic Federation has elected to take advantage of the Phazon and outfitted her Varia Suit with a Phazon Enhancement Device, creating the PED Suit.

After explaining this, the Lab Assistant sits at a Biopod Control Platform and encourages Samus to try using her PED Suit's Hypermode function. She seals the room and produces a sphere of Phazon Targets for Samus to shoot with her Hyper Beam. After the test is complete, the Lab Assistant lowers the platform (which is raised during the test for the Assistant's protection) and informs Samus that Aurora Unit 242 would like to meet with her. She sends the Bounty Hunter on her way, and remains in the MedLab, seated at the Biopod platform. Before Samus leaves, the Assistant explains the PED's Auto Vent function.

While speaking to Samus before the test, the Lab Assistant holds a tablet with what appears to be the results of a Biohazard scanner used on Samus. If Samus attempts to speak with the Lab Assistant after the conversation, she will simply say "You better get going."


She's coming to. Can you hear me, Samus?

Vital signs are stable.

Welcome back, Samus. You've been asleep for quite some time--a month, to be exact. We feared we'd lost you.

Thanks to your great work, Norion is now safe.

At the end of the battle we found you and the other Hunters all unconscious. Our medical examinations then yielded surprising results: Your bodies are now, somehow, self-generating Phazon.

What's even stranger is that there are no negative effects to your health. This led us to investigate if we could make effective use of this Phazon.

During the invasion on Norion, you must have noticed some powerful troopers in new suits. They were wearing what we call Phazon Enhancement Devices, or PEDs.

We integrated the same Phazon Enhancement Device into your armor while repairing your damaged bodysuit.

Troopers wearing this device have Phazon pumped to their weapons from an external backpack. This gives them an extra boost in firepower.

But in your case, think about it. With this Phazon coursing through your body, you can fuel the PED using your own internal energy. Pretty effective, don't you think? Why don't you try the PED now?

Seal the room.

Initiate PED program.

You must have noticed during this test that Hypermode possesses devastating power.

Over the past month, we've learned the hard way just how powerful our enemies are. To deal with them, you'll need the firepower of the PED Suit. Make good use of it.

Now that you are familiar with the workings of the PED device, the Aurora Unit 242 would like to meet with you. There are many pressing matters to discuss. The AU chamber is located just off the Command Bridge.

You better get going. Good luck!

Oh, and one more thing: after 25 seconds, the safety feature automatically ends Hypermode. You'll have to keep paying attention.

—Lab Assistant


  • The Lab Assistant is voiced by Claire Hamilton, who also voiced Gandrayda and other Female Fleet Troopers in Corruption.
  • In the internal data for the MedLab Delta room, this character's name is "Lab Assistant", but there are versions of her (i.e. Lab Assistant 1) for different sequences, likely for when Samus wakes up, and after the Hypermode tutorial, where she reminds Samus to go to the Aurora Chamber.
  • Before the siege on Norion, Aurora Unit 242 can be heard over the intercom calling for Doctor Wells to report to the ship's infirmary. As there is no other known medical room onboard the Olympus, it is possible that the infirmary and Wells refer to MedLab Delta and the Lab Assistant. However, the intercom message can be heard in MedLab Delta while the Trooper is still there, and she does not move.