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A room in the Laboratory.

The Laboratory was a "well-equipped medical lab" and research site present on Talvania. Many years after the planet's machine race abandoned it, the Space Pirates took over the lab while establishing operations on the planet, and repurposed it as a facility to artificially breed Metroids. It had a Self-Destruct System within its innermost section, which would obliterate the base.

In M17: Infestation of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the Federation Force infiltrated the facility in order to activate the self-destruct system, and then escape. Their hope was that the explosion would destroy all Metroids, research and Space Pirates within. General Alex Miles also asked the Force to recover Metroid Eggs if possible for the Federation's own research purposes (and for a bonus objective). The facility is well-guarded by Space Pirates. Before the self-destruct device is activated, Metroids can be found in stasis tanks, sometimes already frozen. They are able to be released and killed, although this requires Ice Blasts if they were not already frozen. The Laboratory contains a cryogenic chamber for the purpose of storing Metroids in a subzero temperature where they will not be able to attack.

After the Federation Force activates the self-destruct system, all doors open and any Metroids still in stasis are released. The Force will have 400 seconds (about 6 minutes and 35 seconds) to escape. This is the point when the Force must collect Metroid Eggs if they decide to do so. However, this will render the carrier(s) unable to shoot, unless the egg is dropped or deposited into the cargo ship. Following the mission's completion, the Galactic Federation confirms the death of all Metroids at the Laboratory site and commends the Force for their work. However, in a secret ending unlocked by completing the bonus objective, an unseen character breaks into a Federation facility and forces the egg to hatch.

Dedicated terminal[]

"Pirate Log: Laboratory
This machine facility was formerly a well-equipped medical lab. Repurpose to serve as a secret lab for Metroid experimentation."