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Samus Gunship Echoes Landing

The Landing Gear Legs are three landing pods on the underside of Samus Aran's Gunship in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid II: Return of Samus, Super Metroid, Metroid: Other M and the beginning of Metroid Fusion. The pods make the ship capable of levitating with anti-gravity technology when docked. They expand slightly upon landing and red lights can be seen within them when it does so. In Other M, the legs retract into the ship during space travel, as it did in Metroid II, and has blue lights instead of red. The gunship Samus used during Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime Hunters had similarly behaving thrusters, which pointed inward toward the ground in a triangular shape. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Metroid Fusion, her ships had two legs which extended from the front of the ship and held it up while docked.


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