The Landing Site is the first room on planet Phaaze. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This is the location at which Samus Aran manages to land her Gunship on the planet. As the planet has no civilized life, there are no Landing Beacons present, the only Landing Site in Corruption with this trait, save for those in Leviathans. This area is also where Samus is first exposed to Phaaze's atmosphere, and upon exit of her ship, the PED Suit overloads. Samus is forced to vent all of her Energy Tanks, leaving her permanently in Hypermode. Because of Samus's critical levels of corruption at this point, her Gunship no longer recognizes her DNA if she tries to enter it, and denies her access to the Gunship interior for the rest of her mission on Phaaze.

The room has many massive tentacles flowing from the ground to the sky. Phazon crystals and growths are abundant in the room. A deep chasm is to the left of the room, from which many Miniroids emerge as Samus goes past. A small slope leads up to the front of the room, and the connecting room Entry Canyon. This is also one of the few rooms on Phaaze that Samus visits that is exposed to the sky, as her mission takes her deep into the chasms of the planet.


Samus lands her Gunship on Phaaze.

Connecting rooms[]


"Gunship no longer identifies you as Samus due to near total corruption. Access to ship is not permitted."
Massive tentacle
"Massive tentacles grow from deep within the planet's surface. They appear semisentient."
Phazon crystals
"Crystallized Phazon has hardened over time but appears vulnerable to explosive blasts."