Landing Site Alpha is one of the the five Landing Sites on the Pirate Homeworld. It is the main Landing location for the Pirate Research sector, and appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The room is somewhat different in design to Landing Sites Bravo and Charlie. Viewed from the map, both these rooms are circular overall, but Landing Site Alpha is in more of a balloon shape. It is also the only Landing Pad on the Homeworld to have more than one connecting room. Ships can access the room via one of two hatches above the pad. The Landing pad itself is not in the centre of the room but placed to the southwest of the room. The pad is circular is shape and is supported above a deep shaft which makes up most of the room. A small walkway connects the pad to the main platform of the room, which leads east to the Scrapvault Lift. Several Heavy Phazon Canisters and Space Pirate Crates are present in the room.

Behind the Landing pad is an archway generating an energy shield. This shield initially blocks access to Transit Station 1-A, which links back to a further part of the Research complex. This shield can be drained from either side via a Grapple Voltage Terminal, by use of the item.

PED Marine dialogue[]

After the Pirate Homeworld Seed is destroyed, two PED Marines will appear here in front of the door. When spoken to, one will warn Samus to stay alert for any remaining Space Pirates, while the other will say that most of the troops were called back to the Seventh Fleet, but some remained to guard the Landing Sites.

There are still pirates in this area. Stay alert.

—PED Marine

Since the Seed has been destroyed, most of the troops were called back to the fleet. We stayed behind to guard the landing locations.

—PED Marine

Connecting rooms[]


Room from Samus's perspective after exiting her ship.

After Seed destruction[]

  • 2 PED Marines


Grapple Voltage Terminal
"Terminal controls the nearby energy shield. Drain the device of power to remove the shield."
Grapple Voltage Terminal (drained)
"Terminal is drained of power. Nearby energy shield is offline. Landing site now accessible."