Landing Site C is a room in the Elysia Seed in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is almost exactly like the Landing Sites in the other two Leviathan Seeds. Like the others, the room features seed platforms, parasitic fungus and numerous Phazon Leeches at the bottom of the chamber. If Samus did not obtain the "Exterminator" Friend Voucher in Bryyo Seed, she will have a second chance to do so here. If she does not do it this time, she will have to wait until she can get into the Pirate Homeworld Seed, her last chance to obtain the Voucher.

Connecting roomsEdit



Exterminator (Friend Voucher)
Samus must destroy all the Phazon Leeches to obtain this.


Parasitic fungus
"Parasitic fungus relies on the Seed for sustenance. It is saturated with Phazon, but not yet harmful."
Seed platform
"Semisentient organic structure. Phazon tentacles are harmful, but its top can be safely touched."
"One of many glands that is capable of generating massive quantities of Phazon."
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