Ventilation Area B

Ventilation Area B

Laser beams are hazardous obstacles frequently encountered in the Space Pirate mining facility during Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. They appear red or white depending on the room. They block important areas and will harm Samus if she comes in contact with them.


Rooms that feature laser beams in the Space Pirate mining facility include Ventilation Area B, Biostorage Access and the Central Mining Station. Ventilation Area B, a network of narrow tunnels, has numerous laser beams that shut on and off at regular intervals, likely as a security system or to keep out pests. Samus must be careful when navigating the tunnel to avoid damage. Red beams that move in pairs left and right and up and down appear in Biostorage Access. These are red, and Samus must carefully jump through them to safely pass the corridor.

Sometimes, laser beams are removable. Those that appear in the Central Mining Station are only present on the first visit and disappear when Samus has cleared the room of Pirate Troopers. They guard the door to access the base. Laser beams are also part of the Laser Barrier that appears in the Phazon Site, which is deactivated by scanning three Interface Modules.

There is also a set of laser beams present in Barracks Access on SkyTown, Elysia in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. These beams are red and move back and forth through the room, blocking normal passage. However, there is a small gap under the floor that Samus can sneak under in Morph Ball form, and then reach the other side.


Barracks Access
"Security systems engaged. Contact with activated energy beams will result in injury."


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