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The laser room is a room in the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


This is a large room found near the center of the Mother Ship. In the background are numerous ventilation hatches and circular windows or glass panes, some open and some shut. The background has a green color while the room's architecture itself is purple. Multiple midair structures and platforms are located in the center of this room, with some platforms consisting of Pit Blocks. Several connectors are found in this room as well, generating thin green lasers that trigger the alarm system if touched.

Samus crawls along one of the platforms as it starts to crumble.

Samus first comes to this room after having lost her Power Suit and Starship. To safely navigate this room without triggering any alarms, she must carefully navigate the platforms and even Wall Jump along some of the longer platforms if possible. One wall structure is found directly above a crumbling platform (pictured right), and must be quickly crawled under before Samus falls through into a laser. If a laser is tripped, all lasers in the room will disappear and the alarm will activate. Four Zebesians enter this room if Samus is detected. To lose them, Samus can run into the next room and hide on a ledge above the door, then wait for a Zebesian that comes in to leave.

After acquiring the Fully Powered Suit, the room is patrolled by Zebesians and Atomics, which Samus can Space Jump over and/or kill with her Screw Attack. Tripping the lasers is no longer a concern.

Like the rest of the Mother Ship and Chozodia, this room did not exist in the original Metroid, of which Zero Mission is a remake. No trace of it is found in Super Metroid either.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

222 LASER ALERT (page 80)
"The large area left of the central save room is loaded with green lasers and platforms that will collapse under your weight after a few seconds. Jump, climb, crawl and avoid contact with the beams as you make your way to the area's upper-left corner. If you cross a beam, Space Pirates will make your escape more interesting."
223 RIDE OUT THE ALARM (page 80)
"If you tripped the alarm during your run through the laser room, jump to a hidden ledge above the right-hand hatch in the next room. A pirate will investigate then turn around and leave."