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Lateral Kick

The Lateral Kick is a variant of the Boost Kick upper move used by Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Unlockable at random, the Lateral Kick is slightly more powerful than the Boost Kick, but is more of a risky move. The Lateral Kick consists of two kicks; one on the way up that deals 11% damage, and a finishing move that deals 16% damage. When performed, Zero Suit Samus will kick her opponent into the air, and then charge forward with a finishing spinning kick using her Jet Boots. This kick will knock away opponents at a lower angle than the Boost Kick, and can be risky on certain stages as Zero Suit Samus may end up falling to her death.

"Lift opponents into the air at an angle, and then dash forward with a spinning kick."

Prima Official Game GuideEdit

"Damage 1.3~5% Max Damage 16.5% : 7 Hits
This version kicks opponents into the air before using the boosters to charge forward with a spinning kick. Knocks opponents away at a lower angle than normal."

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