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The lava-filled passage is a room in Norfair. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission, and is exclusive to that game, not having existed in the original Metroid.


This room is almost entirely engulfed in lava, and is difficult to ascend with limited abilities. As such, it is recommended that Samus return here when she has the Gravity Suit and Space Jump, which become available to her later in Zero Mission. The Gravity Suit renders the lava harmless, and the Space Jump allows her to navigate the room.

The passage is a cave of two vertical shafts made of "glass bubbles", which are found elsewhere in Norfair. Caves are visible in the background, illuminated with a purple glow. The shafts are separated by a large wall of glass bubbles, although the thinnest part of the wall is partially made of Missile Blocks. To get to this wall, Samus must first scale a shorter wall below it. She can destroy the Missile Blocks and morph through the gap to enter the leftmost shaft. By jumping up, Samus will find a metal platform with a pedestal in midair within the lava. Atop the pedestal is a Power Bomb Tank. It is possible to Space Jump above the surface of the lava here, but there is nothing to be found.

Back on the right side of the room, beside the wall with Missile Blocks is a ledge that takes Samus to a thin tunnel. Rolling into it and laying a Bomb at the end unveils another Missile Block directly above, and three Pit Blocks below. Samus must quickly unmorph and repeatedly jump to avoid falling through the blocks, then fire a Missile to destroy the block above her. Once she has done this, Samus can continue jumping off of the Pit Blocks to reach a Missile Tank.Afterwards, she can Space Jump out of the lava here to find a tunnel leading back into the "west green bubble shaft". A Pit Block there prevents her from returning the same way. Alternatively, she can return to the shaft through the door she entered this room from, although the upper tunnel is a faster exit.

Connecting rooms[]


Missile Tank
See above.
Power Bomb Tank
See above.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

137 TANKS IN THE MUCK (pg. 58)
"If you explore the lava-filled passage that runs through Norfair's lower-left corner, you'll find a pair of tanks in the damaging hot stuff. You'll have enough energy to get the items, but not to emerge from the lava. Return to the area once you have more Energy Tanks or the Gravity Suit."
287 missile tank (pg. 92)
"Fire into the narrow passage to the right to break a block. Roll right then shoot a missile straight up as you fall through collapsing blocks to clear the way to a Missile Tank."
288 power bomb tank (pg. 92)
"Fall to the ledge left of the blue hatch, then use missiles to break your way through to a new shaft. Space-Jump up to a Power Bomb Tank, then return to the right shaft and Space-Jump out of the lava."