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Lava Caves (Burning Trail) (ラヴァケイブス(バーニングトレイル)?)[1] is a theme in Metroid Prime. It is first heard upon Samus's first trip to the Magmoor Caverns (unless Sequence Breaking has been performed) and plays in the Burning Trail (hence the name) and Lake Tunnel rooms. This is a slow theme with persistent drum beats, cymbals and a male chorus. The rest of the Caverns plays the faster-paced theme, a remix of the Lower Norfair music in Super Metroid.

While not a direct remix of Norfair Hot Lava Area, the theme of upper Norfair from Super Metroid, Lava Caves (Burning Trail) is arranged in a similar fashion as that theme. The Bryyo Fire theme in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Bryyo Naka, resembles the Burning Trail theme.

The theme can be heard here.


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