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The "Lava Dive Room" is a large submerged room in Norfair. It appears in Super Metroid, and it serves as the entrance to Lower Norfair.


This is a massive chamber that consists of natural cave rock with small spikes, forming a large basin filled with lava. A massive rock formation hangs over the basin, with a narrow gap between it and the ceiling. However, this gap is too narrow for even the Morph Ball to pass through. A structure is built into the left side of the basin, including three support beams, one of which is lined with spikes, holding up a large statue of Ridley's open mouth. This can be entered to access a door to the elevator to Lower Norfair, where Ridley awaits Samus's arrival.

Samus must enter the lava and jump up to the Ridley statue to be able to exit and enter Lower Norfair. Her only obstacles are the spikes and a group of Namihe, which she can either kill or freeze. Under normal circumstances, safe passage through the Lava Dive Room requires the Gravity Suit, which protects Samus from lava and allows free movement in it, and the Space Jump to ascend in the basin. However, there are numerous Sequence Breaking techniques that speedrunners have used to reach the exit without one of, or either of these upgrades. This includes running in from the previous shaft and Shinesparking from the bottom of the basin, manipulation of the game's water physics to jump higher in the Varia or Power Suit, recoiling off of a Namihe's projectile, Wall Jumping, or a combination of these.

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Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 60[]

More Norfair (pg. 19)
"This portal leads to another large area in Norfair. The adventure continues!"

The statue is referred to as a "portal", but is nothing of the sort.

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

C. TRIAL BY FIRE (pg. 73)
"You can't reach Ridley's Hideout by bombing through the narrow upper path. The only way in is through the lake of lava. With the Gravity Suit to protect you and the Space Jump for extra jumping power, you can spin safely up to the entrance."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

INTO THE FIRE (pg. 45)
"The Varia suit allows you to walk unhindered under this lava floor. Walk to the left wall, then use the space jump to get to the top."

This description is inaccurate, as the Varia Suit does not enable free movement in lava, whereas the Gravity Suit does, and it also stops lava damage.