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A "Lava cooling machine" is a pumping mechanism used by the Space Pirates in the Magmoor Workstation to cool the lava that fills a network of underground transport channels, which lead into small alcoves. It does this through a link to numerous fans in the tunnel, which activate at once to cool the lava. Each alcove is blocked by a hatch, which is lifted when the lava cools. The hatches are color-coded and identified by their direction: grey for North, green for East and purple for West. The machine is part of an optional puzzle in Metroid Prime.

Samus needs to energize three Power Conduits in the Workstation, which are the power sources that are needed to activate this machine. The Wave Beam and Thermal Visor are required for this. When all three Conduits are energized, the machine begins to pump again, and the cooling fans cool the north channel, while also opening the hatch that leads into the west alcove. Samus has a limited amount of time to get into this alcove and scan an Interface Module on the wall. This will cool the east channel and alcove. Samus must then get into this alcove and scan another Module to cool the north channel and alcove. She will find an Energy Tank here. Once acquired, the lava remains cooled and the machine becomes obsolete.

Lava in the North channel is cooled.

This machine is similar to the Immersion pistons present in the Monitor Station, and also resembles lava pumps found in the first room of the Pyrosphere in Metroid: Other M.


"This machine is functional, but it is currently not receiving power. Three nearby Power Conduits must be energized for it to open. Blasts of electrical energy will energize the conduits. The conduits radiate some heat that is invisible in the normal spectrum."
"This machine is now operating at full capacity. Access to West channel door granted. Lava within channel has been cooled."