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The lava room[1] is the first room visited in Ridley's Lair in Super Metroid.

In Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, the Eerie Cave fills the same role as the lava room.


The lava room is the location of an Elevator connecting to upper Norfair. This makes the lava room the main entrance and exit of Ridley's Lair, and is therefore the room where Norfair Ancient Ruins Area is played for the first time.

Like much of Ridley's Lair, the lava room consists of ancient ruins constructed from crumbling bricks and columns. Extreme heat is also present in this volcanic cavern, where scalding-hot lava rises and falls with the tide. The right side of the room is uninhabited ruins, but the left side is home to Dragons living in the lava. Several blocks frequently shoot out blasts of fiery attacks, making it dangerous to traverse even with the Space Jump.

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  1. ^ Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide pg. 70: "After Space Jumping over the fiery attacks of the lava room, blast the wall with a Power Bomb, then morph into a ball in the Chozo's hand."