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The Leviathan-class capital ship (Großkampfschiff der Leviathan-Klasse) is only mentioned in unused text from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Only one is known to exist, the Leviathan Battleship.

Unused logbook entry[]

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Leviathan-class capital ship

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Galactic Federation Datafile CS-005.
(Leviathan-Class Capital Ship)
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Logbook entry


The pirates have converted a "Phazon Seed" into an enormous capital ship, the dimensions of which even surpass a battleship. This capital ship is abundantly armed and has an outer shell that defies most weapons systems. It is a living organism; the weapons systems are anchored cybernetically. Like all Phazon Seeds, it has the ability to open wormholes. This makes the entire cosmos open to the ship; it can strike anytime, anywhere. No other vehicle in the entire universe is able to do so.

Intelligence indicates that this colossal organism is the flagship of the pirate armada, and stands under the command of Dark Samus. So far, only one of these ships has been seen in use.


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