Samus obtains the Pirate's Command Codes.

The Leviathan Command Codes (referred to as Pirate Code in the acquisition message and Space Pirate entry code by Aurora Unit 242) are used during the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption when Samus Aran is sent to gain control of the Leviathan Battleship in orbit above the Pirate Homeworld. However, to do so, she needs to find the codes on the G.F.S. Valhalla.

After collecting them, Aurora Unit 242 will contact Samus and give varying transmissions. If Samus acquires them before discovering the battleship, 242 will say she can not confirm the purpose of the codes. If Samus downloads them after discovering the Battleship but before entering it, 242 will suggest that the codes command the Battleship. If Samus discovers and enters the Battleship, she will be told to use them.

It is unknown what the actual codes are, but it is likely that they are written in Space Pirate language. Samus uses her Arm Cannon to upload them into a terminal in the Battleship, similar to how she used a Galactic Federation vaccine to cure Aurora Unit 217 of its Phazon Fever earlier in the mission.

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