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Liberty (リベルデ Riberude?) is a frontier planet with a small population, visited in the Samus and Joey manga. A Space Pirate raid occured here, orchestrated by Dragüd. Samus Aran prevented it and met Joey, a resident of the victimized town.


"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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A Space Pirate attack headed by Dragüd was swiftly thwarted by Samus Aran. She and Joey also killed Doruba and his mount and also discovered the Megaroid, which multiplied and proceeded to destroy Dragüd's Ship, swallow Samus and attack the village. Joey defended the latter using Space Torches.


A small town is seen with a windmill. The area has grass, trees and mountains, providing a very basic town setting. An inactive volcano, Mount Pagos, is present on the planet, and was reactivated using a Power Bomb and Super Missile.


Along with Humans, wild Rock Sheep live in the area.


Joey, his Grandpa, and a small community are the only known humans. Aside from Joey, none of the villagers are interested in combat. Dr. Diana Apronika used to live here, but she departed for space after the death of Joey's father.

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