Life Grove Tunnel is the only access to Life Grove, where one of the Chozo Artifacts is hidden. The room is an oval shaped tunnel, with two smaller tunnels leading out; the left from Great Tree Hall and the right to the Life Grove. The entrance to the tunnel is blocked by Bendezium. The oval tunnel loops round a smaller oval in the centre. In here, Samus must use her Morph Ball and Boost Ball ability to boost up the sides of the tunnel. This room also contains a Missile Expansion.

Connecting roomsEdit


Missile Expansion
Samus can obtain this Expansion by boosting to the top of the central oval. In the middle, she must lay a bomb to reveal a secret tunnel leading to the bottom of Life Grove Tunnel's main Half-pipe. If Samus rolls down the hole inside the central oval, she will be rewarded with the Expansion.


"Analysis of wall shows rampant weakness due to severe water saturation. Large traces of Bendezium detected."
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