Sky Temple Gateway

A Light Shaft is a beam of light that appears at the different temples on Aether. They allow Samus, once she has acquired the Light Suit, to quickly travel from one temple to another along the shafts from the Light of Aether. These transports are instantaneous, and link all four temples.

Four other light shafts also appear in other areas. These "lesser" shafts merely carry Samus to a different spot in the room, rather than transporting her across the whole map. One is in the room in the Temple Grounds that allows access to the elevator to Sanctuary Fortress, which allows Samus to reach a hidden Energy Tank. Another is in the map room for Sanctuary Fortress, which leads to a Missile Expansion. There is another one in the Ing Hive, at the Dark Aether version of the entrance to Sancutary Fortress, which is used to get one of the Sky Temple Keys. The final one is in the Sky Temple Gateway. This one is more like the main Light Shafts, as it links up to the Sky Temple rather than just moving Samus around the planet, though its width is far less than the four main shafts. There are also some unusable light shafts that can be seen in some open rooms in Sanctuary Fortress. They are unreachable even by the Screw Attack but their existence could mean the Luminoth used Light Shafts as regular means of transportation.

In some rooms on Dark Aether, there are what seems to be dark variants of Light Shafts. They are red in colour and damage Samus when she steps into them, regardless of her suit. They have no use to Samus but the Ing may have used them as transportation as the Luminoth may have used Light Shafts. Sometimes, there are also blue-colored shafts in Aetherian rooms, most notably Transit Station, that simply blind Samus' visor with light and don't transport her anywhere or damage her.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Teleport system active. Step into hologram to initiate teleport."

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