The Lightflyer is a security artificial bioform created by the Luminoth. At some undetermined point, they became rogue like most mechanized objects. However, the Lightfliers did not turn to serve the Ing like the majority of mechanoids; instead, they attack all living beings that approach them. The only function they now possess is to protect various religious sites of great importance to their original creators.

As is fitting to their name, Lightflyers resemble shifting clusters of numerous yellow motes of light. Despite appearing to be made of pure energy, they can still be incinerated by the Light Beam, suggesting they may have some solid component as well. Upon sensing an intruder, they flash briefly and emit a near-inaudible hissing sound then unleash a bolt of electricity that shocks its target. If destroyed on Dark Aether, they create Safe Zones unless they were destroyed by the Darkburst or Sonicboom, as these two weapons will completely obliterate all light within them. The safe zones these creatures drop protect Samus while on her mission, but only for a limited time. These safe zones cannot be supercharged.

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Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Mechanism: Lightflyer
Light-generating flyer. Target mechanoid is quite durable. It can fire bursts of energy in combat.

Logbook entry

The Lightflyer is an aggressive flying drone. Once loyal to the Luminoth, it will now fire a burst of energy at any living thing within range. It generates light at all times, making it somewhat easy to target.