You can even surround yourself with lightning that negates damage and deflects enemies.

Yoshio Sakamoto[1]

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Lightning Armor is the second Aeion ability in Metroid: Samus Returns. It is acquired from an Aeion Ability Artifact in Area 2. The ability imbues Samus Aran's Power Suit with an electric green aura, which protects her from attacks and external damage, and is particularly useful when running through red plants or Fleech Swarms. Any attacks sustained by the shield will deplete the Aeion Gauge instead of Samus's energy. The ability also greatly increases the range of Melee Counters, known as a Lightning Counter[2]. However, Lightning Armor does not protect Samus from lava or the purple liquid.

Official data[]

Trivia quiz[]

"Self-defense is at the top of your To-Do list, especially when it comes to fighting aliens. That’s why Lightning Armor is the Aeion Ability that best matches the way you’d want to play the Metroid: Samus Returns game. You can use Lightning Armor to surround Samus with an electrical barrier, preventing physical damage. It can even be used to power up a Melee Counter attack to a Lightning Counter with longer range."


"Absorb damage with an electrical barrier."


"Select with [D-pad left]. Surrounds Samus with an electrical shield, preventing physical damage. It also powers up the Melee Counter to a Lightning Counter by increasing its range.

  • Aeion is expended when damage is absorbed, or when a Lightning Counter connects."

Aeion Abilities[]

"Lightning Armor creates a protective electric barrier. Aeion is consumed anytime it prevents physical damage. Also strengthens Melee Counters. Pree [left on D-pad] to equip. Press [A] while equipped to activate. Press [A] again to deactivate."


  • In Metroid Dread, Lightning Armor (or a similar Aeion aura) is also utilized by Raven Beak. His armor appears initially as a blue aura that gradually turns red as it absorbs damage, until it allows him to unleash a powerful red wave across nearly the entire room; afterward, the aura turns gold and completely nullifies any further damage. However, the armor can be temporarily disabled by a successful Counter Hit, leaving Raven Beak vulnerable to counterattack.


Raven Beak[]


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