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Lily Thran (ユリカ · スラン Yurika Suran?) is the Astrobiologist of Bravo Team in Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether.

One of four survivors from the Splinter attack (in the game from which the manga is based, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, there are no survivors), Lily emerged with the other three survivors of the team after Samus killed a Dark Alpha Splinter, and was seen supporting Jeff McCloud. Introducing herself to Samus, she claims that she fainted during the Splinter attack and had no information about the black fog.

Samus and the group arrive in the Generator Room to restore power, and find several Federation Marine bodies with no visible wounds. Lily states she has found a pulse, and they soon became reanimated by the black fog. Samus kills them all, against the opinions of the survivors, and Lily analyzes their again fallen corpses. She states that once they were affected by the black fog then they could not be saved.

After Jeff McCloud restores the power, she is very cheery and jokes that "Glasses Boy" didn't think he could do it. She then believes a nearby wall has vibrated, and does not hear Samus' plea to not touch it. The wall crumbles and reveals a dimensional rift that begins to suck them all in. While the other three survivors manage to make it out of the path, and flee the scene, Lily pleads for them to not leave her, when the black fog appears and attempts to possess her. Samus pushes her out of the way and is sucked into the dimensional rift. Lily calls her name in despair.

Samus awakens after escaping the dimensional rift, and finds Lily to be in poor shape after almost being possessed. However, she is fully fit after a night's rest. She praises Klaus Schneider's simulation combat skills, and states that she would wait for him as she ran off to follow Miguel Luis Garcia in search of Samus.

In the final battle, Lily was massacred by a group of large creatures.


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  • Similar to SPC M. Angseth in Echoes, Lily is the only female member of her group.

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