The Liquid Resource is an unseen substance mentioned in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is present in large quantities at a shallow depth underground on Excelcion.

The crew of the G.F.S. Daedalus discovered this resource and was assigned to collect samples of it, via Recovery Pods, for study. However, Samus Aran, on recon for the Galactic Federation, discovered that the Space Pirates were planning to attack the Daedalus. Her crew evacuated the ship before it was shot down, but was forced to leave the Pods behind. The Federation Force later recovers the Pods during M08: Dustoff, but not without facing heavy Pirate resistance. The recovered Pods are then delivered to the Federation research team for study.

General Alex Miles later reports the findings of the research team, which explains why the Pirates were so determined to keep them from recovering the Liquid Resource. When combined with the minerals recovered by the Federation Force during M15: Mother Lode, also on Excelcion, the pair produces a massive amount of energy. This was used to power the Doomseye, a massive Pirate battleship they intended to use to attack Galactic Federation Headquarters.

Dedicated terminalEdit

Daedalus Log: Liquid Resource
It has been decided that several recovery Pods can be used to collect this material, as it seems to be located at a fairly shallow depth.

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