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Most Metroid games have featured endings that are received based on difficulty level, game completion, and/or play time.

Depending on the aforementioned conditions for better endings, it is tradition for Samus to unmask herself in the fair endings, or in the best endings, reveal her true self in the Justin Bailey (Metroid only), Casual Outfit or Zero Suit. The phrase "See you next mission" is also frequently displayed with the item percentage and completion time.

Metroid Prime Pinball and Metroid: Other M do not feature endings in the traditional sense, although Zero Suit Samus is playable during the escape sequence in the latter.


Samus stands on the surface of Zebes in all endings while performing one of several actions.[1] she'll either stay in her suit, take off her helmet or take off her entire suit, wearing either a leotard or a pink bikini.

In all endings, a narration pops up beforehand congratulating the player for succeeding in the mission and restoring peace in the galaxy, before warning that "the other metroid" might threaten it before requesting for prayers for a true peace in space.

There is a slight difference between the NES and FDS versions of the ending. In the FDS version, it requires the player to flip the disk to side A after boarding the elevator to the surface to fully access the ending. The NES version does not require any further actions from the player upon successfully escaping.

Metroid: Zebes Invasion Order[]

While not a video game, this game book features multiple endings resulting from the choices made by the reader in the final story arc.

If the engines of Samus's spaceship go out of control, Samus can choose whether to escape immediately or finish off the Metroid=Mutant first. In the latter scenario, Samus must first successfully defeat the M=M with missiles and then successfully reach the escape pod in time. However, she forgets the Metroid capsule aboard the spaceship, and it is lost when the ship explodes. This results in a bad ending where she is unable to complete her mission and solve the mystery of the capsule.

If Samus chooses to escape the Pirate Ship without successfully retrieving the Metroid capsule from the control room, she encounters the M=M in the docking bay. As long as the Pirate Boss does not interrupt the battle, Samus will win. She uses a small spacecraft to escape the Pirate Ship and fires a missile to destroy it. However, the Metroid capsule is therefore destroyed, and the surviving M=M latches onto the small spacecraft with the intent of killing Samus. This is the second possible bad ending.

If Samus chooses to retrieve the Metroid capsule from the control room before escaping the Pirate Ship, she must engage the Pirate Boss in a sword duel without abandoning her cause. If the M=M interrupts the battle, Samus takes the Metroid capsule and runs to the docking bay without further interference. She uses a small spacecraft to escape the Pirate Ship and fires a missile to destroy it. With her mission complete, she reports in to Earth and enters cryostasis. However, the epilogue implies that the M=M survives the destruction of the Pirate Ship. This is the good ending.

Metroid II: Return of Samus[]

Samus runs throughout the credits, jumps high, and lands (except in the worst ending), with either one of these events occurring depending on how long the player took to complete the game.

If the player took seven hours or more, Samus will stand still throughout the credits.[2]

If the player took between five to seven hours, Samus will continue to keep running.

If the player took between three to five hours, Samus will simply stand still.

If the player took less than three hours, Samus will be without her armor, releasing her hair blows in the wind, and wears a tank top and panties.

Super Metroid[]


Samus's suit disappears.

Samus will either remain suited, flip up her helmet or remove her Power Suit entirely, while wearing a black sports bra, thong, bracelets, and boots, then jump up offscreen, before falling down and firing a blast from the Hyper Beam.

Shortly before this, she is forced to escape Zebes, and she has the option of saving the trapped Dachoras and Etecoons. If she does, a white light will be seen leaving the exploding planet.

Metroid Fusion[]

Spanish Fusion End Title

An ending score in the Spanish version of Fusion.

Samus, in her "Omega Suit", will be shown in various poses; depending on how well the player did, Samus will be enveloped in green energy before assuming either herself unhelmeted, or otherwise in her Casual Outfit. Afterward, one of the following ending pictures appears:

Japanese endings[]

The Japanese version contains an additional set of endings shown when the game is cleared with Child Mode, showing artwork of Samus's past rather than the adult Samus in her Casual Outfit. The "over four hours" normal mode is notable as it was the first instance to hint that Ridley had been involved in the K-2L massacre. Linking to Metroid: Zero Mission with the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable will unlock all endings, including Japanese-only endings, in a special gallery within Metroid: Zero Mission. These endings are available by default in the Nintendo Switch Online version of Zero Mission.

Metroid Prime[]

All endings depict Samus standing atop her Gunship, looking at the destroyed Artifact Temple with her helmet removed. After the credits roll, she is seen flying out of Tallon IV.

If fewer than 75% of the items are collected, the screen cuts to black just as Samus removes her helmet. If 75% to 99% of the items have been collected, the scene extends to show a close-up of Samus's unmasked face, she then enters her Gunship and departs from Tallon IV.

At 100% item collection, an extra scene plays after the Mission Final screen. Back inside the Impact Crater, Dark Samus is born from Metroid Prime's remains. A Phazon Suit arm reaches out from the Phazon puddle, and an eye opens and looks around from the back of its hand.

Metroid: Zero Mission[]

Samus will stand against a space background in various poses before clenching her fist. Each ending, upon acquisition, will be added to a gallery in the menu. The endings from Metroid Fusion can be unlocked in Metroid: Zero Mission by linking the two games with a Game Boy Advance Link Cable.

Aside from these, the ending also has a post-credits scene (instead of "The End" from the original Metroid) showing the room in Chozodia where Samus acquired the Fully Powered Suit, which then zooms in to show a etched-in sketch of two bird-like figures and a small person on the Ruins Test mural, presumably depicting Samus herself as a child and her adoptive Chozo "parents" Old Bird and Gray Voice.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes[]

Samus will wave farewell to the Luminoth before reaching her Gunship. If 75% of items have been acquired, she will remove her Power Suit and stand in the Zero Suit for a moment, looking into the camera. At 100% items, after the Mission Final screen, after Samus leaves Aether, Dark Samus can be seen forming in the midst of space.

Vince Joly animated the scene with Zero Suit Samus.

Metroid Prime Hunters[]

These endings are not affected by item percentage or clear time, rather, by fulfilling the Alimbic Prophecy and defeating Gorea's second form.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[]

Samus will appear out of nowhere when it appears she had been lost in the destruction of Phaaze. She gives a thumbs-up to the player, breaking the fourth wall, while Admiral Dane salutes her from the G.F.S. Olympus. She sends them a message saying "Mission Complete", before flying off into space. If less than 75% of items have been acquired, the ending stops here. The thumbs-up scene was animated by Carlos Mendieta.[3]

If 75% to 99% of items have been acquired, Samus is shown watching the sunset at the Main Docking Bay on SkyTown, Elysia. She sits down, removing her helmet. She remembers her fallen comrades, the Bounty Hunters Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda.

If 100% of items were acquired, an extra scene plays after the credits. Samus stands up and walks toward her ship, pressing a button on her Varia Suit. As she stands on her Gunship's platform, the suit disappears and the camera pans up to show Samus's Zero Suit before focusing on her face as she looks into the camera. The Gunship then takes off into the unknown. Meanwhile, a mysterious spacecraft appears and follows Samus. The pilot of this ship was confirmed to be Sylux from Metroid Prime Hunters at E3 2015.[4] Kensuke Tanabe, the producer of the Metroid Prime series, expressed interest in creating a future Prime game which continues the rivalry between Samus and Sylux.

Metroid: Other M[]

As stated, there are no traditional endings in Other M. However, Samus will congratulate the player in voiceover on the item percentage screen. Depending on their final percentage, these messages are heard:

  • "Well done!" (25%-50%)
  • "Good job!" (51%-75%)
  • "Excellent!" (76%-99%)
  • "Perfect! Congratulations!" (100%)

Metroid Prime: Federation Force[]

Sylux in Federation Force

In this game's ending, Sylux breaks into the "Federated Force research station" and causes an Infant Metroid to hatch from its egg. This is a post-credits scene that appears if the bonus objective in M17: Infestation is complete. The bonus objective is to capture one Metroid Egg per player. While Sylux is not confirmed to be the character in this scene, Logan Foster confirmed it was him on his ArtStation profile.

Metroid: Samus Returns[]

There are three endings in this game, with differences between Normal, Hard and Fusion Mode. The endings are unlockable depending on completion time. They each start with Samus kneeling in her classic Metroid II cover pose, before breaking into a run and jumping above the screen, then landing, as she did in the credits of Metroid II. The classic slogan "See you next mission!" is displayed underneath the completion time, to the left of Samus. As with Metroid II, the item percentage is not displayed here, but it can be viewed on the Samus Data Screen. A remix of Record of Samus is heard during the ending.

Normal Mode
  • Over 8 hours: Samus will jump back down in her Gravity Suit and press buttons on her Arm Cannon. This mirrors her actions in the opening for Metroid Prime.
  • Between 4-8 hours: Samus will jump back down in her Gravity Suit, minus her helmet, before turning to her left in a pose mimicking one of the endings from Zero Mission.
  • Under 4 hours: Samus will jump down in her Zero Suit and cock her Paralyzer while her pony tail blows in the wind. This is the same pose she makes in her Max Factory statue.
Hard Mode
  • Over 8 hours: Samus will jump back down in her Gravity Suit, and then point her Arm Cannon in two directions before standing back up and raising her Arm Cannon up in a similar pose to that of her Super Smash Bros. Melee artwork, as well as the Hard Mode with 15% or fewer items ending in Metroid Zero Mission.
  • Between 4-8 hours: Samus will jump back down in her Gravity Suit, minus her helmet, before readying her Arm Cannon and then standing up and pointing her Arm Cannon in a dramatic pose, similar to one of Samus's Victory poses in Melee, Brawl, and Wii U/3DS. Her hair is colored green in reference to the Justin Bailey suit.
  • Under 4 hours: Samus will jump down in her Justin Bailey Zero Suit, stand up, and give a brief wave. Like above, she has green hair, and her Zero Suit is recolored to resemble her Justin Bailey outfit from the NES game (red for most of her torso, lower thighs, and arms up to her wrists, and light pink for her hands, shoulders, and hips. The waving referenced her immediate action upon losing the Power Suit in the better endings.
Fusion Mode
  • Over 8 hours: Samus will jump back down in her Gravity Fusion Suit, do a small somersault while landing, and then kneel in a pose resembling her stock art from Metroid Fusion.
  • Between 4-8 hours: Samus will jump back down in her Gravity Fusion Suit, minus her helmet, before standing up and turning to her right while gripping her Arm Cannon high, similar to another pose of hers from Metroid Fusion.
  • Under 4 hours: Samus will jump down in her Fusion Ending Outfit and stand up and brush her hair aside while putting her hands on her hips, resembling a pose from her better Fusion endings.

Regardless of which ending is obtained, a post-credits scene depicts a lone Hornoad hopping across the surface of SR388. It finds Proteus Ridley's discarded mechanical claw and attempts to gnaw on it, only for a resurgent X Parasite to zip past. Unaware of what the gelatinous lifeform is, the Hornoad curiously hops to its rough location, only for the creature to swarm it and (behind a pillar) overwhelm the creature as the Hornoad shrieks in agony with a bright glow. The X-infected Hornoad then pops up with a pink and cyan hue, crystalline spines, and blank eyes before proceeding to make a feral roar. The Boss Before theme plays during the scene. After it, the game goes black and returns to the Title Screen.

Metroid Dread[]

MetroidDread Ending

Samus in her Power Suit poses on a starry backdrop, only to stand up as the camera zooms in towards her helmet, with her visor going from opaque to clear as her eyes shift toward the screen. The results come in with the Screw Attack logo in the background, listing the completion time and stating "See You Next Mission."

Unlike in prior games, this ending does not have Samus removing her armor. Instead, depending on the difficulty completed, at least one of six images (three each for Normal and Hard mode) is unlocked, each representing one of the main series games up to that point. These endings can also be stacked; for example, completing the game under 4 hours will also unlock the other two endings for that same difficulty. Similar to Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission, these images are also included in the "Extras" of the Save File this game was completed on.

Normal Mode
  • Game completion: Metroid: Zero Mission - Samus in her original Power Suit is fighting against several Metroid larvae in Tourian. Dead Zebesians are seen on the ground, having been drained by the nearby Metroids.
  • Under 8 hours: Metroid: Samus Returns - Samus in her Gravity Suit is fighting against an Omega Metroid, including firing an ice beam charge into its stomach.
  • Under 4 hours: Super Metroid - Samus, in her Gravity Suit, is reaching out for Baby's particles as Mother Brain ominously stands behind her.
Hard Mode

In addition, unlocking all these images will also unlock an extra image in the Gallery for the endings, which shows Zero Suit Samus and various other characters from the main series, which consists of the Metroids, X Parasites, Commander Adam Malkovich, Kraid, Ridley, Mother Brain, the Queen Metroid, E.M.M.I., Quiet Robe, and Raven Beak.

Official data[]

Samus (JoyRide Studios)[]

The Grand Finales
"Super Metroid concludes with three different finales, and the ending sequence you see depends on how long it takes you to finish the game."
Finale Time to Beat Game
OK Ending Over 10 hours
Good Ending 3 to 10 hours
Best Ending Under 3 hours

Metroid Dread Report Volume 4[]

Good to Know
The Beginning of the (Alternate) End
"The end screen of Metroid changes based on your completion time. By playing again and again, you can figure out how to complete the game faster and see other versions of the end screen. You can find similar alternate takes on the end screen throughout the series."


  • Some endings may have been inspired by that of Alien and Aliens, films which heavily influenced Metroid. At the end of both films, the female protagonist, Ripley, is scantily clad as she prepares for hypersleep.
  • The Super Metroid ending is mirrored in Samus' congratulations montage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In one scene, Samus is seen jumping up offscreen, and falling back down in her Zero Suit form, clad in her Ending Outfit from Fusion.
  • Samus breaks the fourth wall in the best endings of Metroid, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Metroid: Samus Returns (Hard Mode only), by looking directly at the player.
  • The endings of Metroid games are referenced in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in the loading screen Smash Tips: "Multiple Endings – In the original Metroid, the ending would change slightly depending on your clear time. The better endings revealed the secret of Samus's identity!"
  • The first Kid Icarus, which was developed by the same team as the original Metroid, had a similar method of obtaining endings to Metroid, where the player can get a slightly different ending with Pit wearing various outfits depending on what criteria they had met (in the case of Kid Icarus, whether they maxxed any of their stats by the time they defeated Medusa in the NES version, or the final point total in the game in the FDS version.).

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