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This is a list of Samus Aran's monologues, as heard in Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid: Other M and other media.

Super Metroid[]

Super Metroid was the first game in which Samus spoke, albeit in text only. She gives a short monologue at the start of the game that recounts the climaxes of Metroid and Metroid II: Return of Samus.

I first battled the Metroids on Planet Zebes. It was there that I foiled the plans of the Space Pirate Leader Mother Brain to use the creatures to attack Galactic Civilization...

I next fought the Metroids on their homeworld, SR388. I completely eradicated them except for a larva, which after hatching followed me like a confused child...

I personally delivered it to the Galactic Research Station at Ceres so scientists could study its energy producing qualities...

The scientists' findings were astounding! They discovered that the powers of the Metroid might be harnessed for the good of civilization!

Satisfied that all was well, I left the station to seek a new bounty to hunt. But, I had hardly gone beyond the asteroid belt when I picked up a distress signal!

Ceres station was under attack!!

Samus Aran

Metroid Fusion[]

Fusion was the first game to have multiple monologues for Samus, in text form. The vast majority of them are short introspections while she is riding elevators, but she has longer monologues at the beginning, near the end and at the end of the game. The majority of her monologues focus on Commander Adam Malkovich.


I'd been assigned to watch over Biologic's research team, so I once again found myself on the surface of SR388.

It was there that I was attacked by a life-form I had never encountered before.

It was only later that I learned the identity of my attacker: the parasitic organism we now know as X. Unaware of my condition, I was returning to the station when disaster struck.

Once the X had infested my central nervous system, I lost consciousness and my ship drifted into an asteroid belt.

The ship's emergency systems automatically ejected the escape pod before impact. Biologic's vessel recovered it and transported me to Galactic Federation HQ.

However, during the journey, the X multiplied within me, corrupting large areas of my Power Suit.

It then came to light that the organic components of my Power Suit had become so integrated with my system that it could not be removed while I was unconscious. Large portions of my suit had to be surgically removed, dramatically altering my physical appearance. However, the X in my central nervous system were too embedded to be removed safely. I was given a minimal chance of survival.

Then, someone found a cure.

They proposed using a Metroid cell to make an anti-X vaccine. It seems that the Federation had managed to preserve a cell culture from the last infant Metroid from SR388. The serum was prepared and injected without delay.

The X parasites were immediately and completely destroyed.

As for me, one life ended... yet I survived, reborn as something different.

Pondering this fact, I realize... I owe the Metroid hatchling my life twice over.

[Adam:] We'll soon be arriving at the B.S.L research station. I must prepare for docking.

The ship's computer has notified me of our approach to the Biologic Space Labs, or B.S.L, research station. During my surgery, the research team sent the last batch of creatures we captured there, as well as the infected pieces of my Power Suit.

After regaining consciousness, I learned that an unexplained explosion rocked the station. For some reason, this awoke a nameless fear in my heart, and now I am being sent there to investigate. My mission on the B.S.L station will be overseen by my new ship's computer.

Following the commands of this blunt, computerized CO is something I have to bear, as it was a condition of my taking the ship. For someone who dislikes taking orders, this is the second time I've found myself having to do so. It makes me recall my other CO...

—Samus Aran

On Adam Malkovich[]

This monologue takes place when Samus is on the elevator to the Operations Deck, to download Missiles.

That computer reminds me of a gruff Federation CO I served under named Adam Malkovich. He called me "Lady" on missions; from anyone else, it would've sounded sarcastic, but Adam made it sound dignified. Out of respect and with some irony, I named the computer after him.

—Samus Aran

On Adam Malkovich 2[]

This takes place when Samus is on the elevator back up to the Main Deck from Sector 1 (SRX).

As I listened to the briefing, my thoughts turned to Adam. The real Adam understood me well. He would end orders by saying, "Any objections, Lady?" He knew I wouldn't disagree. That was just his way of noting our trust. I wonder if I can trust this computer, too...

—Samus Aran

On the SA-X[]

This takes place when Samus is on the elevator back up to the Main Deck from Sector 2 (TRO).

The SA-X. An enemy with my strongest abilities. But does it have reason? Probably not. It's just a killing machine. In my current state, I can't face it head-on. The SA-X is me, only heartless. I must stop it before it learns its potential and threatens the universe...

—Samus Aran

On the Dachoras and Etecoons[]

This takes place when Samus is on the elevator back to the Main Deck, after encountering these creatures again in the Habitation Deck.

Etecoons and Dachoras. I've met these intelligent beings before. They seemed to recognize me, as well. How unusual to meet again here. In the past, they've helped me unleash abilities I didn't know I had. But where did they run to? I hope they're safe...

—Samus Aran

On Adam Malkovich 3[]

This takes place on the elevator to Sector 1 (SRX) after Samus destroys the Restricted Laboratory and is reprimanded by the ship's computer.

The real Adam would have said the same thing about that incident, but he would have softened the blow. He was relentless in his criticism, but he always cared... He was not a machine obsessed with duty. No such compassion could exist in that computer...

—Samus Aran

On the X Parasites[]

This takes place in the Navigation Room in Sector 1 (SRX), after Samus argues with the computer about the Galactic Federation's plans to capture the X and SA-X for use as bioweapons.

As soon as the Federation ships land, the X will overwhelm them and absorb the knowledge and power of their occupants. The X are just waiting for the hunt to begin, and then they'll spread across the universe. Galactic civilization will end.

The X hunger for form, knowledge, and power. They mimic these perfectly. But they cannot copy the soul. They're single-minded, instinctively seeking to increase in number. They're a plague, and the Federation underestimates their threat.

The X must not leave here. I must destroy them all before the Federation arrives. This station has a self-destruct mechanism. I must use it to destroy the X here and on the planet. I must send them to oblivion. Them, the station, and myself, if I have to.

—Samus Aran

After BSL[]

That perfect military mind... The wisdom of Adam Malkovich continued to serve even after death. Until today, I had no idea that the minds of leaders and scientists were frequently uploaded to computers. My incredible reunion with Adam may have saved the universe...

But how will the beings of the universe view our resolve? I doubt they will understand what we did... the danger we barely averted. They will hold tribunals and investigations. They will hold us responsible. Adam understood this, and he spoke to me in my anger...

"Do not worry. One of them will understand. One of them must."

I've reflected upon his words, and I see the wisdom in them. We are all bound by our experiences. They are the limits of our consciousness.

But in the end, the human soul will ever reach for the truth... This is what Adam taught me.

Just one detail still bothers me. This ship can only be started manually. Yet, before I faced the Omega Metroid, the ship moved on its own, guided by someone's hands. Is it possible? Adam...?

—Samus Aran

Metroid: Zero Mission[]

This is spoken at the beginning of the game, when Samus lands in Corridor No. 1.

Landing on Zebes[]

Planet Zebes...I called this place home once, in peaceful times, long before evil haunted the caverns below. Now, I shall finally tell the tale of my first battle here.... My so-called Zero Mission.

—Samus Aran

Crash-landing on Zebes[]

This is spoken after Samus crash-lands back on Zebes, losing her Starship and Power Suit.

The timing of my escape couldn't have been worse. I was attacked by Space Pirates and left nearly defenseless, stripped of my Power Suit. All I had for protection was my rather useless emergency pistol. Infiltrating the Space Pirate Mother Ship so armed may have been foolish, but I had no choice...

Could I survive long enough to escape?

—Samus Aran

Metroid: Other M[]

Other M has the most monologues of any Metroid game by far, which are fully voice-acted. The "emotionless", "droning" tone of Samus's voice was one of the significant criticisms of the game.

Nintendo of America producer (and Other M voice actor) Nate Bihldorf had this to say about the monologues:

You have the monologue sections and then the real-time sections where she's actually interacting with people, like with the [Federation] soldiers on the ship. I think the monologue sections show the Samus that we all know, which is this sort of very reserved, totally cool, not-ruffled-by-anything Samus. This comes through in her voice, which is very matter of fact, "here's what happened"... not necessarily emotion. Once you get into the meat of the game and see some of the scenes play out, you'll see that type of monologue is only part of the story.

—Nate Bihldorf[1]

Waking up on the Galactic Federation mothership[]

Location: Quarantine room

I awoke to the familiar voice of a quarantine officer.

A dream—I had been reliving the tragic moments of my recent past. Thanks to the Hyper Beam, which was given to me somehow by the baby, I laid Mother Brain to waste. And the explosion that followed destroyed planet Zebes, along with the remains of Mother Brain, the Space Pirates, and my long-standing nemesis, Ridley. And the baby...

—Samus Aran


Location: Empty training room, unnamed hallway, meeting room

I wondered if this, too, was a result of the power the baby gave me.

Not even a fragment... None of the baby remained on me. I knew it to be true but still couldn't help looking at my palm for a sign. Never again would I encounter the baby. Never. The finality of it struck me once again.

(While delivering her report in the meeting room) A simple report, almost dull, even... but it felt momentous to me.

—Samus Aran

Baby's Cry[]

Location: Star Ship

I don't know how much time passed since then. Days went by in their quiet way, and people's recollections of Metroids and Space Pirates grew nebulous over time, relegated to a past concern of the galactic communities... Nothing more than a faded memory.

(Baby's Cry received) Code name: "Baby's Cry." A common SOS with the urgency of a baby crying... The nickname comes from the fact that the purpose of the signal is to draw attention. The signal was coming from a remote part of space. I altered the course of my ship as if this detour had already been part of my flight plan.

Baby's Cry... It was as though it was crying specifically for me...

—Samus Aran

On Anthony Higgs and Adam[]

Location: Cargo Hub

There's only one person who calls me "Princess." And that person is Anthony Higgs of the Galactic Federation Army.

Adam Malkovich. A general in the Galactic Federation Army. Not only a trusted confidant but also my former superior officer. Yes, there was a time when I was enrolled in the Galactic Federation Army. And then I... Well, I was young and inexperienced... As the result of a certain incident, I left Adam's command and set out on my path as a solitary bounty hunter.

(Adam asks what she is doing here) The first words out of his mouth were typical, coming from Adam. To answer his question, I recounted the details of what had brought me to this place, and then I asked what circumstances led the Federation here.

(He calls her an outsider) The word he so obviously chose, "outsider," pierced my heart.

(The troopers leave) Adam hadn't authorized it, but I decided to remain on-site for the sake of the others.

—Samus Aran

Body discovered[]

Location: BOTTLE SHIP Control Room

It was obvious that there was some pervasive danger throughout the facility. I didn't know what had brought Adam here, but I did know that cooperation was imperative if we were to restore safety.


On Adam's command[]

Location: BOTTLE SHIP Control Room

The thumbs-up sign had been used by the Galactic Federation for ages. Me, I was known for giving the thumbs-down during briefing.

I had my reasons, though... Commander Adam Malkovich was normally cool and not one to joke around, but he would end all of his mission briefings by saying, "Any objections, Lady?" He was joking, but others weren't... At the time I felt surrounded by people who treated me like a child or used kid gloves because I was a woman.

And yet, with Adam, I was grateful for the nod... My past has left me with an uneasy soul, and as a result, it touched me on some level that Adam would acknowledge that past by calling me something delicate—like "Lady." And I knew more than anyone that every word from Adam was deliberate. My thumbs-down was a twofold response—a sign of derision at being called a lady, and a signal of my complete understanding of the mission orders. The other soldiers were always willing to support me with easy smiles despite the fact that I clearly had so much yet to learn. Among them was Anthony.

In the face of his well-meaning behavior, and that of the other soldiers, my response was to become increasingly bitter. I was a child, always with something to prove. A chip on my shoulder.

And I was angry. I felt that if I let my guard down, I would easily be broken. And beyond that, I was scared. But even in the naivete of my youth, I could see in Adam's joking manner how close he felt to me.

Adam knows my past. And he knows me better than anyone else.

Confession time. Because I was so young when I lost both of my parents, there's no question I saw Adam as a father figure. When I rebelled against him, I knew I could get away with it. And his paternal compassion in the face of my rebellion reinforced the special bond I felt with him.

I understood well that chances were slim that I would ever find anyone that understood me like Adam. And yet... When the time came, I still left his side. I was so young. Young and naive...

—Samus Aran

Samus welcomed into the 07th Platoon[]

Location: BOTTLE SHIP Control Room

It was the first joint mission I'd been a part of since becoming a freelance bounty hunter. And, of course, it was the first time since my Federation days that I was following the orders of a commanding officer.

Having received mission orders from Adam, I felt confused and strangely exhilarated at the unexpected turn of events. I responded...

(Dialogue) Understood, Adam. No objections, of course.

—Samus Aran

The Breeding Room[]

Location: Breeding Room

The large, cagelike booth looked like something had been raised in it, and in one corner was the miserable form of a researcher's corpse. This victim hadn't sustained the same injuries; the dead I'd seen had been torn apart by something large. This one had been attacked by a different type of creature. And as I studied the violence this creature had wrought, I felt something in the air—the presence of a dark intelligence.

—Samus Aran

On Little Birdie[]

Location: Biological Experiment Floor

Some creatures use the powers of others to capture their prey. Watching this disgusting beast, I felt as though it was feeding off my power as well. At the same time, a thought crossed my mind. That howl I heard earlier... Could this creature have been the source?

—Samus Aran

Exam Center[]

Location: Main observation deck

I didn't need to press Adam about it any further. I knew his mind. Not only was he a strong opponent of bioweapons, he was against the use of living things for unnecessary reasons, period. Life, no matter what form it takes as it's born into this often cruel universe, should not be tampered with... that was Adam's philosophy.

In bringing the infant Metroid back, I did something that I know would have gone against his convictions. And, though I might have been left alone, it was a clear and blatant violation of protocol.

I wondered what Adam thought of me... out of nowhere, I suddenly found myself concerned with his opinion again.

—Samus Aran

Bioweapons and Madeline Bergman[]

Location: Long elevator shaft

It was clear that the Galactic Federation was developing bioweapons on the BOTTLE SHIP. I wonder if Adam came here knowing that. Regardless, I knew I had to talk to the person in charge, Madeline Bergman. Of course, she would have to be alive in order for me to do that...

—Samus Aran

Dead Gigafraug discovered[]

Location: Dead Gigafraug junction

The creature's corpse showed signs of what looked like Metroid predation, making my mind race. Metroids... here? Impossible. Metroids can't tolerate cold temperatures - they couldn't survive in this environment. Besides, they're extinct. The baby was the last of its kind...

—Samus Aran

RB176 Ferrocrusher discovered[]

Location: Materials Storehouse

The woman believed that the Galactic Federation was sent to the BOTTLE SHIP to keep those in the know from leaking information about the project.

And no wonder—she'd been attacked by someone wearing a Galactic Federation Power Suit. And she implied that Maurice was killed by another soldier. Considering the mortal danger we'd survived together, I had to agree with her. There was a traitor among us.

—Samus Aran

The Deleter and the woman[]

Location: Storehouse elevator

With those creatures, crafted into killers, running free, the BOTTLE SHIP had been turned into a nightmare replica of Zebes... and then here came Adam and the others.

At this rate, the plan the Federation wanted to keep so secret would be revealed. So they sent in an assassin. Someone to wipe out any survivors as well as anyone who learned about the secret project. K.G., James, Anthony, and... Adam. Could one of them really be a traitor? Until I found out who it was, I decided to call the traitor the Deleter.

On top of everything, I started to think about that woman.

Was she the one who sent the distress signal? And could she be the person in charge here: Madeline Bergman? Either way, I knew I had to protect her. She would be targeted again. And she wasn't the only one in danger. I, too, would be considered a threat here.

—Samus Aran

Reflecting on Anthony's words[]

Location: Rhedogian room

I knew the question Anthony was suppressing. And I knew the answer. If something like that happened again, I would hold fast to that glimmer of hope and try for redemption. That's who I am.

—Samus Aran

After Ridley[]

Location: Geothermal Power Plant

I wondered if Anthony was conscious as he hit bottom... Unbearable thoughts welled up in me, making me want to get as far away as I could. I regretted not being able to protect him... and I regretted thinking, even for a moment, that he would betray me or fail to come to my aid at the expense of his own safety.

—Samus Aran

Contact lost with Adam[]

Location: Transport to Main Sector

Something was gnawing at me. Communication with Adam had ceased. From the Deleter's point of view, Adam would represent the largest threat.

Without question, his life had to be in danger. But it was Adam Malkovich—he wouldn't go down easily. And Adam would already know about the Deleter, so there's no way he would let his guard down. If that was the case, then... Why couldn't I reach him? What did he think of the unfolding situation... and what was he planning to do next?

My racing thoughts started to frustrate me...

—Samus Aran

Speaking to "Madeline Bergman"[]

Location: BRC main laboratory, Storage room

This monologue occurs whilst she is interrogating the woman she met earlier.

By a certain presence, she must have meant Ridley.

(Samus asks why she sent the distress signal)

If that danger was real, then the risk of withholding information to protect herself was too great, clearly. And yet... Wasn't she the one who set the facility's system to self-destruct? In silence I praised her courage and sense of responsibility. At the same time, her argument had some holes.

Say that the Zebesians, under Ridley's influence, became super-aggressive... Would that really lead to the resurrection of the Space Pirates? Without a malicious force to lead them down that path, wouldn't they continue to merely follow their instincts, ultimately becoming no more than a swarm of feral creatures?

Regardless, it was clear that the Galactic Federation was ready to consign their enormous mistake to oblivion. And that's why they sent a Deleter. And as for Madeline and others who knew the secret?

But wait—there was another inconsistency in her story... Why go to such lengths at all? With just a small flexing of the Galactic Federation's military force, they should have been able to destroy a facility of this scope with ease. So why didn't they...?

("Madeline" reveals Project Metroid Warriors to Samus, who is astonished)

Yes... And the last of them, the baby, met its end above my head...

(MB's existence revealed)

That's when it became clear to me just why Madeline was so afraid of the Space Pirates' resurrection. It wasn't that her story had holes in it—through the holes were glimpses of the danger that was right before her eyes. If everything she said was true...

(Sector Zero explained)

I began to see what the worst-case scenario would look like. The ultimate weapon, the Metroid, would be mass-produced, and as soon as an AI that could control them was developed, the plan to create a special-forces unit modeled after the Space Pirates was replaced. But as the AI called MB spun out of control, the facility became a place much like the planet Zebes.

If the situation were left alone, galactic society would be put in peril. Even the ringleaders of the operation wanted to avoid that, but they still wanted the Metroids. And that's why... They decided to capture the Metroids contained in Sector Zero... and "delete" the rest of the facility, including the Space Pirates, Ridley, and everyone who knew the secret.

But before the ringleaders could act, Adam appeared. Adam might have known or suspected the truth about the facility from the beginning. Regardless, since the ringleaders were members of the Galactic Federation, they could no longer act recklessly. And so a Deleter was installed as a member of Adam's team to destroy evidence and plan each subsequent move. But having me added on as a member must have disrupted the Galactic Federation's plans.

—Samus Aran

Adam dies[]

Location: Sector Zero Entrance

Adam vanished. My best friend, the person who understood me best... the closest thing to a father I had. Thoughts swirled through my head—I couldn't come to grips with what had happened. Such a cruel way to say good-bye. I was the only one who witnessed Adam's last moment, and though it shook me, I was calmer than I usually am. I think Adam granted me that eye-of-the-storm clarity—his final gift to me.

There was no time for me to grieve his death. But there was time for me to say: Adam, thank you... Leave the rest to me.

—Samus Aran

The real Madeline[]

Location: Control room

The Federation's foolish plan... Mother Brain's rampage... Everything that happened here was just as Madeline—or rather, MB—had told me. The person who sabotaged the system to stop MB's rampage and sent out the distress call had to be the person standing before me—it had to be Madeline Bergman.

(MB's relationship with the Metroids explained)

I remembered the baby hatching before my eyes. When it attacked Mother Brain in order to save me—that was the result of the kind of ideal relationship they were trying to develop with MB. They found the perfect means of control and started propagating Metroids in Sector Zero. At the same time, they were conducting genetic-manipulation experiments to create unfreezable Metroids.

Apparently the queen I met earlier was the first of these propagated Metroids to mature. They wanted to preserve her as a control specimen, so they had left her genes unaltered.

The fact that she'd grow into a queen was something not even Madeline and her team could have predicted. Only special infants had the genetic coding to become queens.

(MB's rebellion detailed)

The newly hatched infant took to her like his mother... and perhaps at that moment, MB began to develop a soul. It was all conjecture... but the idea wouldn't leave my mind. A humanlike existence... But one without feelings. To make MB less than human, the researchers had to deny her that consciousness. I knew this... but in my heart, I felt sympathy for MB.

(Madeline details MB's fixation with her)

Madeline had taken to calling MB "Melissa." She took the initials MB and told the AI they stood for Melissa Bergman. MB liked that name—it made it sound like Madeline was calling her her daughter.

Once she felt abandoned and hunted by that same Madeline, MB telepathically commanded the special forces to revolt. The facility fell into complete chaos and suffered widespread damage.

(Madeline says MB is backed into a corner)

With the Space Pirates under her control, she was able to propagate the Metroids in Sector Zero, even creating a Queen Metroid. She was well armed and planning her attack on the Galactic Federation. But Adam and I crushed her plan completely. And now... who could guess where she was and what she planned next?

—Samus Aran

After the BOTTLE SHIP[]

Location: Star Ship, Headquarters observation hall

Anthony was trying to be courteous to Madeline. She was exhausted and had only just fallen asleep. She needed the rest. She had a lot of explaining to do once she got to Galactic Federation headquarters. For herself and for Melissa.

(Anthony speaks) Anthony sighed as he muttered to himself.

What would have happened if we hadn't been called there? Might the furious MB have attacked the Galactic Federation and brought about its utter destruction? Melissa wasn't insane, no... One day, a consciousness simply bloomed within her. And those that caused it to bloom—the humans—called it insanity.

"I was the insane one." That was what Madeline muttered softly as she sank into sleep.

The selfish conceits of humans drove MB to violence. It was their distorted perceptions and greed that awoke such fury in the fledgling girl's heart. Her thought was to punish the foolish and conceited. But MB could not complete her mission. As Melissa, she was defeated.

With their one vulnerability overcome, the Metroids were indestructible. If some fool, just following orders, had taken the savage creatures to those who sought them...

I can't imagine what would have happened if Adam hadn't recognized the looming danger. But the cost was far too great. Why did Adam have to pay with his life? For me, I couldn't believe he was dead. For the first time, I questioned his choice.

(At Galactic Federation Headquarters) I heard Adam's voice in my head, and I knew in my heart that he had made the right decision, just as he had so many years ago. In that moment, I swore not to grieve his death. And for the first time, I gave him a thumbs-up—just in case he was watching over me.

(Anthony appears) His amused expression looked as though he wanted to say something. His face and Adam's swirled together. That last smile as Adam drifted away...

—Samus Aran

Returning to the BOTTLE SHIP[]

Location: Star Ship

Ultimately, the decision was made to destroy the BOTTLE SHIP, a mission that will most likely be carried out in the next day or two. I'm heading toward the BOTTLE SHIP now. I'm going to rescue something that was left there... something that can't be replaced.

—Samus Aran

Metroid Dread[]


A virulent floating organism that drained energy from its prey through physical contact. Metroids were originally created by the Chozo and named after their word for "ultimate warrior." Their value as a bioweapon sparked several crises, and as a result, all traces of them have been eliminated. They are now extinct.

X Parasite:
A gelatinous, parasitic organism indigenous to the planet SR388. It could absorb the DNA of its host, living or dead, and replicate its form. When infecting a living host, it could even access the host's memories. X parasites were driven not by emotion but by an instinctive need to replicate and spread to increasingly stronger hosts. Their inability to be controlled marked them as even more dangerous than their sole predator, the Metroids. Like the Metroids, they are believed extinct.

With no Metroids surviving on SR388, it became infested with the X., horrifying parasites capable of imitating any living being. Unaware of this, I set foot on the planet, got infected, and almost died.

The only thing that saved me was a vaccine created from Metroid DNA, which also left me uniquely able to oppose the X. This ability was tested immediately when I went to a Biologic Space Laboratories (B.S.L.) research station to investigate a distress signal.

There, I battled many powerful X forms, including the SA-X, which was the X mimicking me in my Power Suit at full strength. I eventually eliminated the X menace on SR388 by setting the B.S.L. research station on a collision course with the planet.

After that, the X and Metroids were just memories. Or so we thought. Just when it all seemed over, the Galactic Federation received a mysterious video transmission.

It showed an X. Alive and in the wild.

Thorough analysis proved the video was real. Although the sender was unknown, the transmission was traced to a particular planet.

It was called ZDR. If the X had somehow escaped extinction out there, they would pose a threat to the entire galaxy. The Galactic Federation dispatched a research team of seven E.M.M.I. to investigate.

An E.M.M.I. is a large research robot designed to capture field samples and extract their DNA. Their incredible mobility and protective plating, made of the strongest stuff in the universe, practically guaranteed the mission's success.

But not long after their arrival on ZDR, all communication was lost.

What is happening on ZDR? Is the planet really infested with X? As the only one immune to the parasites, it's up to me to go there and find out.”

What's Past is Prologue (Metroid Dread Report Volume 1)[]

The X is a terrifyingly lethal parasite that takes over organic creatures, mimicking them afterward based on their genetic information.

It once infected me too. But my life was saved, thanks to a vaccine created from the X's natural enemy: Metroids. Not only that, it made me into the only being capable of fighting this creature that threatens the galaxy. After a deadly battle with the SA-X, a copy of me at my full capabilities, I finally succeeded in wiping out the X, along with the planet SR388.


One day, the Galactic Federation received video footage from an unknown source indicating that the X still lived. The Federation dispatched a special unit consisting of seven E.M.M.I. robots to the remote planet ZDR, believed to be the source of the transmission.

Soon after arriving on ZDR, the whole unit mysteriously vanished.

Does the X truly still exist? And just what is happening on ZDR? It's up to me, the only one immune to the X parasite, to go find out...


Japanese website[]

MetroidFusion Fan.gif
Warning: Fan Translation(s) Ahead

This article, section, or file contains text that is unofficially translated by Metroid fans. Some information (such as proper English names of characters or items) may not be accurate. If an official translation becomes available, the fan translation(s) may be replaced.

This is exclusive to the Japanese website and has not been officially translated into English, although certain words and phrases (including "HADAR SEN OLMEN") are written in English.[1] The following translation originates from Darts (@DartsEnthusiast) on Twitter.[2]

...Where am I? Why am I lying on the ground? With my mind still hazy, my eyes meet with some kind of monument. And then...

Memories from before I lost consciousness start to resurface.

Shortly after reaching the depths of Planet ZDR, they appeared in front of me. Standing in my way with an extraordinary intimidating presence, this mysterious Chozo fired a highly powerful beam at me without hesitation.

They attacked with a speed and agility that didn't match their sheer size. The aura enveloping their body absorbed all of my attacks. For a brief instant, I thought I saw an opening and an opportunity to attack, but in a split second they closed the distance between us and effortlessly grabbed me.

With no escape in sight, I braced for the final blow. As their beam was charging, they uttered the following words.


I know what these words mean...

As my consciousness began to fade, I could feel something strange arising within my body. And just as this boiling sensation reached its peak, my memories ended there.

...Well, I am certainly alive now. I wonder why this mysterious Chozo left me alone and disappeared. I also noticed that my equipment has reverted to its initial state.

What was that thing that happened to my body back then? And...

What is this strange sensation that lingers in my left hand?

There's no time to think. I should hurry and leave this place...



Metroid Prime (unused)[]

An unused monologue was recorded by an unknown actress, at the behest of Nintendo EAD, before they requested its removal from the game. While it is possible that this monologue would have been voiced by Samus herself, it would be curious that the female narrator refers to Samus in the third-person. Interestingly, some of this dialogue was reused in a voiceover by Jay Ward for Opening/Menu (Metroid Prime), a remix of the Prime title and menu/ending credits themes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ten years ago, below the surface of planet Zebes, the mercenaries known as Space Pirates were defeated by interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran. Descending to the very core of the Pirate stronghold, Samus exterminated the energy-based parasites called Metroids, and defeated Mother Brain, the leader of the Pirate horde. But the' Space Pirates were far from finished. Several Pirate research vessels were orbiting Zebes while Samus fought on the surface below. After the fall of Mother Brain, the ships escaped, with the hopes of finding enough resources to rebuild their forces, and take their revenge. After discovering a possible Pirate colony on planet Tallon IV, Samus has again prepared for war, hoping to end the Pirate threat forever.

—Narrator (Samus?)

Metroid EX[]

Surprised that I'm a woman?

Although I am a woman, from the time I was very young, I have carried the destiny of a warrior on her back, like a mother carries her child, even though I have never given birth or raised one. But by fighting, I have been able to protect and nurture children, who are our hope for the future...

I do not intend to die! I am still needed to provide hope, to provide peace. But this battle is mine to fight!

In the future, you will become a fine warrior... and when the time comes to protect everyone else's future, then it will be your turn to fight, Joey!

Become strong, Joey! Grow into a strong, kind man... for whatever hard times may come.

And so I will not lose sight of my goals and purpose. I will not forget you!

—Samus's final monologue

Past is Prologue[]

My past is not a memory. It's a force at my back. It pushes and steers. I may not always like where it leads me, but like any story, the past needs resolution. What's past is prologue.